Tuesday, June 25, 2024

See you again!

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Every year I buy many books from book fairs

Every year I buy many books from book fairs. I buy the books of my writer friends and I also buy the books of my favorite authors as much as I can. The incident does not end here. Many author friends in Canada request to bring their own book or a book by another favorite author.

I can’t say no to anyone easily. I am ashamed to say no. But I can’t take all the books to Canada. Because I only gained 100 pounds weight. A little more weight is available if you are a class. Personal clothing is never returned. can’t take With all the clothes accumulated in Dhaka, I can live in the country for fifty years without buying clothes. Nowadays I can’t read books as much as I used to in my school and college life. Social media is largely responsible for that.

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There are so many events around, I can’t turn my eyes to the pages of the book while keeping an eye on them. Even so, I read books when I have uninterrupted free time. For example, I am taking that opportunity now when I come to Dhaka. I can read books because no one is taking any notice. I am now reading the books that I could not take with me.

The same will happen this year. I will buy many books but I can’t take them. Besides, he has his own book. There are gift books. A room in Dhaka’s house is filled with books. When I came to Dhaka, I live alone, cook alone, eat alone, live and read alone. Only one book of my own has been published this year at Akushi Granthmela.

I have written the name in the heart of the biographical memoir. A book of about 600 pages. Ananya revealed. Cover by Dhruv Esh. Ananya Pavillion No. 32. I have written the name in the heart of the book of many efforts.

After coming to Dhaka, I still haven’t left the house. Haven’t touched the new book yet. The book fair is being organized. The month-long book fair will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister on February 1. I hope to see you at the fair of life. Buy books, read books.

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