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Does drinking tea really make the skin black?

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We have often heard a saying since childhood That is if you drink too much tea your skin will turn black

We have often heard a saying since childhood. That is, if you drink too much tea, your skin will turn black. Lips also become black. Even if many people throw away these words face to face, they cannot completely shake off the doubt from their minds. Therefore, without saying anything outside, he does not reduce the consumption of tea inside, or gives it up. But, is there any truth to this?

Dermatologists say that people should not drink too much tea, as it contains many anti-nutrients, which depletes antioxidants in the body. As a result, it is better to eat less tea. But, is it true that the color of the skin or the lips become black?

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They say that drinking tea has nothing to do with changing skin color. Those who think that tea can darken your skin are totally wrong. Drinking tea does not make the lips black. Drinking hot tea can cause pigmentation on the lips due to the high temperature, but internally the tea does not affect the color of the lips.

Nothing permanently darkens skin color, nor can it be permanently brightened by applying anything. I often use cosmetic creams to get fair Even, many people try to lighten the skin color through treatment, but the effect does not last long. Gradually the skin returns to its normal color.

Drink plenty of water and keep the body hydrated to keep the skin healthy in winter. Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be eaten. Also, eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin C. It can bring glow to the face in a natural way.

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