Sunday, April 14, 2024

Searching for God

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Searching for God

Pilgrimage to sleep, search for God

The melody wafting from the temple, divine.

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Finding God’s Immortal Footprints,

At the dusty old altar,

I did not get it, I returned with a broken heart.

Tired of walking home, went down to the pond in the cool water

A slap in the face, aha! Peace, God’s mercy.

In the moving rickshaw again, the driver was asked ‘Have you seen God?’

“God is above” how I feel!

I said you have God in you.

You have brought me so far for a pittance,

This power is given to you.

God bless you.

Meet a blind man on the go, question me

Have you met God? yes i got

Blue skies on the horizon, scent of forest green ahead

Widespread lilac, purple and pink lilies.

The flowing stream of the river Abhaman,

The glory of Deept Ravi Kiran.

Blind: What do you see? no i can hear

The soul has seen.

Behold: the hopes and dreams of my youth,

A kind man’s feat, all is God.

Andha’s quote, “You and I are all God”

Believe, if not disbelief, fear

God is far away, not near.

Drowsiness passes,

Priya’s hand on my forehead, the question “What were you saying all this time?”

I was saying, “I have found God in your beautiful form.”

Toronto, Canada

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