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Violent imagery from extremists has increased

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The Israel Hamas war has fueled violence from extremists

The statement came in the wake of the release of new documents on recent discussions between intelligence agencies, the federal Department of Public Safety and Muslim and Jewish leaders about the rise in hate crimes as a result of the war. The long-term impact of the current crisis is not easy to predict, wrote agency spokesman Eric Balsam. But it is clear that this conflict is increasing the tension in our society. Since the fall of Hamas, violence has increased from extremists. As the conflict continues to take on new forms, these events may influence some with a vested interest in violence.

He said that the role of the organization is to monitor and identify any threat and warn the government. Beyond lawful protest and dissent. These are protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Documents provided to The Canadian Press under the Freedom of Information Act detail separate discussions federal officials held with Muslim and Jewish leaders about the ongoing unrest. According to one such document, representatives of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service assured all participants that they would continue to monitor threats and look for plans to attack.

Balsam said the organization is meeting with Muslim and Jewish community leaders to hear their concerns. Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, David Vino, recently met with the ambassador responsible for the prevention of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

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