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Sareng Bou

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Sareng Bou

“Sareng Bau” life begins after going to Sareng. Our year goes into two parts. One part alone and another part two. Avro went to the ship after four months of leave.

It seems that a lot of light has gone out of life. This time is so strange that parents, brothers and sisters do not want to share with anyone. It takes some time to settle down. Another change comes in the daily routine. Spending a few random days and forcing yourself to keep yourself busy with new tasks. Slowly everything seems normal again.

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When Avro is at home, time is normal like everyone else. The difference is that he does not have an office from nine to five. So then twenty-four hours are allotted for him. What to eat, when to eat, when to sleep, everything has to be matched with his routine. Even though he is busy with his official work, courses, exams, accumulated work, he also helps me with many of my tasks. Visiting relatives, parties, a bit of sightseeing are all different types of busyness. When he leaves, all the responsibilities fall on his shoulders. Everything is as before, only a void around.

Two questions are very common among our fellow Marines

– When will the brother go? When will the brother come?

The time between his arrival and departure is ours. Then we devotees give time to each other. We never understand others the way we understand ourselves.

Actually we get some time for ourselves. Save a lot of personal work for this time. Many things accumulate in us too.

Until now I was busy with housework only. Now I have to go out again for outside work. There is nothing to do even if you are bored.

Now I can’t wake up in the morning and tell anyone to bring my son, bring him. I realize how much work a person does throughout the day only after leaving. Now get up and get ready and go to school with my son. Parents meeting today. I opened my eyes and saw the boy standing.

– What happened father?

– Mother, look, a ship has been hijacked.

– Hmm, I saw.

I thought not to tell. Lately the boy reads the paper.

– Call dad.

– It’s very late there now. i have spoken you don’t worry Pray for everyone.

The boy left upset. It’s been two days since the father passed away. The tension on him is bad.

In the news since yesterday, what kind of tension has been working since the ship hijacking in Somalia. They are feeling a little more on board. Between all the work, only the family of the sailors is remembered. Uncertain future and terrible present, this cost is not reduced so much by the comfort of some, the sympathy of others. I am praying from the bottom of my heart that every sailor returns home safe and sound.

Uncle’s phone after a while. I know I will have to receive several such calls today. Everyone should say “Avro is good.” Everyone will give different advice. But no one wants to understand that the risk in this job is not only that but also how many other dangers have to be kept in mind.

After talking, I left for school.

I am sitting with my son at school. Suddenly the son said – mom, look, father has come with everyone. That’s why the mind died.

Juthi Bhabi sat next to him with his son

– Is the brother in the ship? Then your happy day begins. That day, I saw a sailor’s wife, her son-in-law had gone to the ship and she went to the Maldives with a group of girls, to spend time. where do you go

– My budget friendly vibe. I will travel with these sisters, I will celebrate in a short package. What should I do, there is no yard that I will lay like a grave. Again there is no tree that I will look for the way by the branches. From today we have to go down. Who will run the family?

Even in this era, these primitive questions of people do not cost now, they make blood rise in the head. How will they understand how many responsibilities, how many tasks and how much tension comes on the wife of a mariner during these four or five months. It is very unfair if someone goes for a little walk to mentally prepare himself before taking everything on his shoulders, chats with his loved ones. It proves that there is great happiness.

Those who think that sailors only bring money back and forth with ships. And come to the country and fly around. Have they noticed, how much responsibility, how much mental cost, worry, fear is associated with this money? And no one shares this mental state. Take only Sareng Bau.

Not everyone can be “Sareng Bau”. It takes patience, endurance, courage, the ability to love deeply.

Not only the wife, but who cares how much the children cost. Even with me throughout the day, I noticed that children get their courage from their fathers.

Although the matter does not seem so urgent, hundreds of sons and daughters of expatriates have to face many kinds of situations without this father. Even if their mother is playing the role of father, father is father.

This happened to my younger daughter as well. With only one exam left in the O level exams, his father had to join the ship. That’s why the girl’s tension has increased. Dad left. Walking all day except reading. I am still there.

Once a bottle of aftershave fell out of my hand and broke. The two girls returned home and asked questions

– Father’s scent. Did dad come?

– No, it didn’t come.

Disappointed, he went home.

It didn’t come, it can’t come, it won’t come on Eid,

Haven’t had time to call on birthdays, only we know how heavy those words are on my kids. How much they talk, how much news of success, hardships are taken for father. No one else will understand the feeling of not being able to share.

Lately girls discipline me a lot about my spending too. Why are you buying expensive things mom? We will not need so much on Eid. Cut costs. If you spend less money, father will be able to stay in the country for a long time.

i smile They will say it again when the father stays for a long time, governs, teaches himself, watches round the clock.

– When will mom, dad go to the ship? Nowadays it is burning big.

In the afternoon I sat with my friends after a long time. There is also talk of hijacked ships. In fact, until the sailors return home, no one will feel relieved.

I didn’t call Avro all day. I have only sent messages a few times. My body is not feeling well since morning. One of the disadvantages of being modern on the Internet is that nothing can be hidden. You can see it in the video call. That’s it. “What happened?” “Why?” see a doctor Various suggestions. No matter how much I try to keep him tension free but being so far away, there will be some tension. He also does not express the cost of leaving his wife and children behind.

Now the communication system has improved. If you have time every day, you can search, so the tension is a little less.

Small and big events can be shared every day, if the net is good. Now it is not surprising to see your children after a long time like before. It seems to be very close when looking at the video call. Yet it cannot be approached by crossing seven seas and thirteen rivers. I wait

This is how we are “Sareng Bau”.

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