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Things in the office that make you gain weight

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For most the office is a place where unhealthy habits can easily take hold

For most, the office is a place where unhealthy habits can easily take hold. Which results in weight gain. Factors such as long periods of sitting, stress and eating unhealthy foods aggravate this problem. But with awareness and a few simple changes, maintaining a healthy weight at work is possible. Let’s know the causes and ways to control weight gain in the office-

1. Less movement
Many jobs require sitting for long periods of time. Which makes you more lazy. This can be the reason behind weight gain.

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Control tips
* Take occasional short breaks to stand up and walk around.

* Use a standing desk if possible to reduce sitting time.

* Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

* You can set an alarm to get up every hour and take a short walk.

2. stress
Workplace stress is nothing new. Your office work is part of your life. So stress can increase with workload. This stress or mental pressure works behind excess weight. Because many people get used to junk food or unhealthy food as a result of stress. It adds weight quickly.

Control tips
* Practice deep breathing, meditation or yoga techniques.

* Keep healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, or vegetables at your desk as an alternative to unhealthy snacks.

* Take short breaks for a walk or engage in daily exercise to relieve stress.

3. unhealthy breakfast
It is difficult to stay away from office breakfast or outside food brought by colleagues. Because not all types of food are readily available in the office, after seeing the delicious and tempting food, you will get greedy. And thus eating unhealthy food like Singara, Samucha, Puri, Burger can become a habit. Due to which it is not possible to keep the weight under control.

Control tips
* Take healthy snacks from home to avoid unhealthy food. Like yogurt, fruits, home made cakes etc.

* Keep a water bottle on your desk. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and reduce thirst.

* Be aware of food portions. Practice chewing thoroughly, savoring each bite.

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