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Positivity and something

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Positivity and something

Even if you look healthy on the surface, you may be mentally ill. When you (friends or family members) become aware of someone’s mental illness, it is very important to take them for professional help. Any problem starts small. If the initial symptoms are neglected, irreparable damage can be done, from which no further solution is possible. For example, if her family had not neglected Neetu’s waking up in the middle of the night crying, looking at the mirror, things, perhaps Neetu would be among us today, she would not have gotten sicker and chose to commit suicide.

When Belal used to leave the house in a fit of rage, shouting unnecessarily and destroying things, if he had been provided with professional help, maybe he would not be a drug addict today.

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When Tanveer used to verbally suspect and beat his wife for no reason, if he had been provided with professional help, their family would have survived today, their children would not have been motherless.
The roller coaster of mental well-being

There are ups and downs in human life. If there are no restrictions in life, there is no joy of liberation in that life. Many successful people in the world have faced obstacles (family/social/economic etc.) so they have overcome obstacles and achieved great things in life. For the first three years of his life, Albert Einstein did not speak, but in later life, his audiences enriched themselves with his experiences and research. Einstein’s school teachers, who used to taunt him as lazy because of his preoccupation with abstract concepts, later became immortalized in history for his Theory of Relativity.

Thanks to Thomas Alva Edison’s invention of the light bulb, today we are blessed with light bulbs instead of living like cavemen. But that light bulb was not magically invented. Edison succeeds in inventing the lamp after a thousand (and ten thousand) failures. If you don’t try, success never comes as a guest in the house, it has to be achieved with hard work, perseverance and concentration.

When a person keeps sinking into depression while trying, then his relatives or people around him can provide new spirit and morale. An author who sold three hundred and fifty million copies, Stephen King was rejected at least eighty times by different publishers. If he had stopped writing because of those obstacles, then today the world would have been deprived of his wonderful heterogeneous novels-stories-science fiction. After repeated rejections before the publication of his first published novel, Carrie, he eventually threw his manuscript in the garbage. His wife retrieved it from there, re-inspiring it, thus giving us the Stephen King of today.

If people’s childhood, growing up, environment, family, academic and social education are properly and positively dealt with, later positivity is seen in those people. On the other hand, if a person’s childhood-adolescence or family, social, or educational life is full of negative experiences, the person gradually becomes a negative person. His life slowly sinks into depression, he views life negatively. Those people of negative personality cannot give anything to family-society-family. On the contrary, the normality of the daily life of the people around them is damaged for them. They dwell on all the negative aspects of life and see life only in negative terms. Success cannot touch them. Because, they change their decisions moment by moment, they get close to success but they retreat, they sink into depression, they bring curses to their families and their own lives. Therefore, if you can nurture your child in a proper family education and healthy environment, only then will he grow up as a complete human being, and develop himself, family, and society with his manners, public relations, or personality.

In this article we will know some people of positive and negative humanity in the light of some true events, we will know their consequences.

Naveen’s apprehension
A young man in his forties. He is worried about everything today. He loves the bride who is married with love and love. Believes and respects him like a blind man. Naveen was living happily with his wife, Meher, and daughter, Maina. But little by little, there is a feeling of unease in his life. He loses the will to live, the joy, and all the excitement and joy. He no longer enjoys anything as he used to, gets no stimulation from anything and is new. These days, he is afraid of everything. His wife is a well-known face in the society, he has always been very proud of his beautiful and educated wife. But these days he is quite afraid, it seems that his wife is smeared somehow. Day and night young man stays with his wife like a shadow. By doing this he becomes indifferent towards his life and career. He considers it important to keep his wife guarded all the time. Gradually Meher and Maina started reacting negatively towards the matter. They don’t like a man to leave his work and sit at home worrying all the time, watching his wife’s every move.

One day Meher notices that Naveen is not going to work like before, he often stays up all night worrying, and spends the whole day watching videos on his phone. When Meher wakes up in the middle of the night, he finds that Naveen is spending time looking at this and that on the phone without sleeping, tossing and turning on the bed. Meher was half asleep by then. Taking the phone from Navin’s hand, he said, ‘Sleep now! There is work in the morning!

Rubbing Meher’s hair, Naveen says, ‘Sleep, I can’t sleep.’ Meher gets bored and falls asleep on her side. He does his job very diligently, he has to worry a lot throughout the day, he absolutely dislikes these irregularities at night. So Meher fell asleep without talking, he has to get up in the morning!

After waking up in the morning to get ready, Meher noticed that Naveen was still in a deep sleep. If he wants to go to work, he should get up and leave by now. With a sigh, Meher went to the kitchen to have breakfast. However, the new does not rise. Meher went out to work with a lot of resentment in his heart. Completed various meeting-projects all day, looked back in the afternoon, still in the new room, lying on the bed with the phone. This time Meher can’t handle the anger anymore. He shouted, ‘what happened to you? You are just reading and sleeping and spending the day on the phone watching chatter. Will the day pass like this without work?’

Meher was surprised by the silence of the other party after shouting alone for so long. Looking through the eyes, he saw that Naveen had headphones on, so he could not hear anything. He took off the headphones from his ears in rage. Navin suddenly got up and said, ‘Will you not let me sleep? I’m getting sleepy.

Meher: Have you lost your job?

Navin: Why go to work?

Meher: But that doesn’t work? I noticed last week too, you didn’t go to work on other days except Friday. What will actually happen?

Navin: Am I a child? I know when, where, with whom, how to do what. I will know when to go to work or not.

Meher laughs in anger. In this dialog. After work, he went to chat with his friends in the afternoon, but Naveen had many questions. While talking to someone on the phone for a social function, Naveen’s ten questions arise. But Meher has no right to say anything about it when Naveen is indifferently sitting at home and spending time on Facebook without providing for his family’s bread and sustenance!

At the end of the month, letters started coming from different places like bills, mortgage, insurance, etc. Naveen is not fulfilling his duties properly. A lot of bills have accumulated. Meher saw darkness in his eyes. Their credit scores tend to slide downwards. Even after pouring all the earnings of Meher month behind the family, nothing can meet all the needs.

He doesn’t think, such a caring person, how did Navin become so calm?

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