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A ray of light at the end of the Surongo

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Poster of Surongo

After returning home in the afternoon, I saw Raihan Rafi’s movie Surongo. Afran Neesho made his big screen debut with Surongo. So there was more interest to see. Nisho won the hearts of the audience with his excellent performance in the first movie. Nisho acts by combining intellect and mind, showing how to act in the first movie. Hats off dear Nisho.

The story is nothing extraordinary, but in one word it is extraordinary. The last moment of the movie is great. The pace of moving from one scene to another, the dialogues and the character-wise performances of the artists have been excellent.

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Tama Mirza has shown her acting prowess. Not acting like a heroine, she acted like a skilled performer in the role of Maina. Shahiduzzaman Salim played the role of a police officer. His combination of comic, dialogue and seriousness was excellent. Selimbhai’s short presence on screen proved how powerful a performer he is.

Many have talked a lot about the item song. But it didn’t feel imposed to me. Nusrat Faria came on screen, danced and rocked. In short, there was a lot of confusion about the item numbers.

After the release of the Surongo, many viewers returned to the hall and raised objections to certain scenes. After watching the movie, it struck me as a lame, boring argument. I don’t understand why they said the intimate scenes with Maina and Masud’s friend (can’t remember the name) are offensive or obscene. But these viewers are used to seeing more open scenes than in Hindi or on the web. Where, then they do not make a sound! When they see such scenes in Bengali cinema, their sense of vulgarity is awakened! what a wonder Because of their objection, our film remained minor!

However, love the camera work, color grading and songs.

Hopefully, the success of the Surongo will show the future sunshine of Bengali films. The light that will shine our cinema.


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