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Our Masood Rana

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All the features of the technology dependent Hollywood films of this era can be seen in this movie including action cinematography sound However where I think attention needs to be paid is the genius and romanticism of Masood Ranas character That didnt happen ABM Suman seemed very mechanical in characterisation

Masood Rana. A character in the story created by Kazi Anwar Hossain is nothing; However, such a dear person in the mind of Bengalis, such a fresh young man, who can jump into any danger anywhere in the world for the sake of the country. Stories in Bengali, for Bengalis; However, the character has walked the path of globalization from the beginning.

When we were young, we used to travel around the world relying on Masud Rana, we used to solve many complicated problems of the world, we still think of those stories that took away our sleep at night, we still find ourselves in those terrible dreams when we close our eyes. This is a thriller.

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The story of that thriller, that Bengali character has really appeared in front of all the viewers of the world, the name of the movie is MR-9, Do or Die. Hollywood has given a global form to regional characters by working on stories from many countries, Masud Rana, who has developed gradually in the Bengali psyche for sixty years, has done the same thing this time. Just like James Bond is British but also from all countries of the world, so is Masus Rana. Bengali’s Hollywood journey with the MR-9, I’d say, wasn’t too bad. Masood Rana is a story inconsistent with the global image of Bangladesh; No matter how much we as readers of the story written in Bengali think of him as our own, no matter how believable the fictional BCI, rivaling the world’s biggest intelligence agencies, CIA, KGB, Mossad, MI-6, is to us, it is believable to Hollywood moviegoers. It’s not a joke.

It can be said that Bangladesh is able to attack the detective story of the world, the character of Masood Rana can take a place in the hearts of the people of the movie-loving world by ace with James Bond or similar stories. All the features of the technology-dependent Hollywood films of this era can be seen in this movie, including action, cinematography, sound. However, where I think attention needs to be paid is the genius and romanticism of Masood Rana’s character; That didn’t happen, ABM Suman seemed very mechanical in characterisation.

Masood Rana is a character made up of a mixture of soft and tough, he is so popular because he has adapted to the natural characteristics of Bengali, if this place of Bengali-character softness can be properly developed, I believe that Masud Rana will be able to make his place in world cinema. Congratulations to the director and crew, may Bengali’s journey to Hollywood be successful.

Calgary, Canada

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