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Leg pain can be a symptom of cancer

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Sometimes cancer can spread beyond the prostate

Leg pain for a few days? Taking pain medication does not decrease in any way? May be a sign of great danger. Doctors are warning. Leg pain in men can be a symptom of prostate cancer.

Sometimes cancer can spread beyond the prostate. If the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, the circulation may be blocked. May be pain. Pain not only in the legs, but also in the lower back, waist, hips, groin and thighs can also be symptoms of prostate cancer. Especially, this symptom is more common in the elderly.

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Prostate cancer is one of the leading cancers in men. However, experts say that if identified on time, the patient’s life can be saved in 96 percent of cases. So it is important to be aware of the early symptoms of this disease. Especially if you are over 50 or have a family history of the disease, extra precautions should be taken.

>>> Not being able to hold urine or not being able to urinate properly after urinating is one of the primary symptoms of this disease. Besides, the size of the prostate gland can also be enlarged in this disease.

>>> Frequent urination can also be a symptom of prostate cancer. In particular, the patient tends to urinate frequently at night. If there is any change in the tendency to pass urine, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

>>> Pain during urination is not a good sign. Blood in the urine can also be a symptom of this disease. In the language of science, it is called ‘hemachuria’. In this way, if there is blood in the urine or the color of the urine becomes red, pink or dark brown, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately.

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