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I am sitting in a restaurant in Banani. There is talk of marriage with one. I came to talk to him. It’s been almost half an hour since I arrived. But the prince did not see. I have to wait on the first day itself. The mood is starting to deteriorate. I don’t like to wait for anyone.

I am Ira I have no intention of getting married at the moment. Just finished Masters. No result yet. I want to enjoy a carefree, independent life for a while. I will wake up late, eat breakfast and sleep again, go around, return, stay up at night to watch movies, it means full Bindas life. But who listens to him at home!

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And the pot came to decide that I will get up after watching five minutes.

The boy is not bad looking. Rather good. But came wearing a colorful t-shirt and ripped jeans. On the right hand, a few bracelets of black leather are tied together. or wrist watch. A little punk type. But I like formal get up boy.

Anyway hi hello episode is over. Son’s name is Farhan. I have learned all the rest from the CV. Mr. Farhan looked at the menu card and said,
Say Biryani? The biryani here is good!

Will you eat biryani this afternoon?

It takes morning and afternoon to eat biryani! I can eat biryani even in the morning. Biryani is eaten three to four days a week at our house.

I got up and said,

you eat I’ll have a soup.

Ordered and said to the waiter,

Mama, what lullabies are you playing? You don’t have hip-hop type songs?

The waiter smiled.

My eyes widened. One of my favorite Rabindra songs is playing then.

When the waiter left, I said,

Why did you call Rabindra Sangeet a sleep song?

Aito panpans and sings with a thick throat.

Excuse me! But I like Rabindra Sangeet very much.

Hearing my preference for Rabindra Sangeet, he said,

I get sleepy listening to these panpanani.

What, you don’t like music?

Karito, James, Hassan, Bon Jovi, Eminem listen to them.


I was disappointed.

Where is Kashban?

And where is the Sundarbans!

Word of mouth said that he is a supporter of Argentina, I am from Brazil. I like mountains, his sea. His autumn choice is my rain. I like to read poetry in solitude and he likes to hang out with friends. I like fish, he doesn’t eat any fish. He prefers chicken that I can’t stand the smell of.

Total mismatch. I sang in my heart,

Night and day brother night and day

Honey salt contains iodine.

I said,

We have the same as Russia and America!

I came home and told that I have nothing in common with my son.

father said

I sent you to talk to my son, not to play Ram Sam Yadu Madu.

You have rejected many boys in the last six months. no more Marriage will be with this boy.

There was no use in crying. No one understood me. My son doesn’t mind marrying me. The marriage took place within a month.

The first thing he said to me last night was,

Ira, can you tell me your wifi password?


In fact, I haven’t played Clash of Clans even once today. The net is over. I gave the money to your cousin. Since then I haven’t received that shala.

I was disappointed again. How many stories have I heard about Basar Raat. How the groom impresses the new bride on the first night! What is the problem? And my husband will now sit down and play Clash of Clans!

I don’t know when I fell asleep at night. Woke up with a strange sound.

Ghrrr, ghrrr, ghrrr, fuss.

I am listening to understand what the sound is. There is a sound of thrice house after house.

Emma! So much snoring. What danger! Farhan is snoring.

Trying to sleep with a pillow in my ear. But sleep is not coming. Sometimes I feel like pressing the pillow on Farhan’s nose instead of putting it on my ears. I feel so disappointed that I finally sat up and started crying.

Farhan woke up. He sat up in a daze and said,

What happened Ira, why are you crying? You are still at home. Goodbye tomorrow!

Remembering this I started to cry harder.

Farhan started patting my head. When my crying subsided, Farhan fell asleep again.

I spent the night with his snoring.

A holiday morning three years later. Farhan is going to market. i said

Listen, bring biryani masala. Biryani has not been eaten for a few days.

Well, then fry the hilsa.

It will be fine.

Biryani is now my favorite too. I can cook chicken properly. The smell is not bad. Watching Messi play with fascinated eyes while eating popcorn. Rabindra quits the music when Farhan goes on a long drive. Wear Punjabi on special days. Ulta Pata pours emotions into her voice and recites to me.

I wake up in the middle of the night when I go to my father’s house alone. How quiet it seems around. I feel suffocated by so much silence. It seems that there is nothing. Then I told Farhan by video call,

Do not hang up. Sleep with the phone close to your head. I can’t sleep without the nasal hum of your Kaharba tal.

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