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Municipalities in the Yukon receive increased funding from the government.

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Yukon government delivers over $22 million in Comprehensive Municipal Grant funding to municipalities Increased funding will help municipalities continue to deliver sustainable services and effective local decision making

The Yukon Government is increasing funding for communities to provide programs and services to a growing population in order to support efficient local governance and long-term local services.

The Yukon’s eight districts got more than $22 million through the 2023 Exhaustive Civil Award, an increment of $1.1 million north of 2022.

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The Thorough Civil Award is the Yukon government’s center financing for metropolitan state run administrations. This financing supplements a region’s own assets in offering essential civil types of assistance, for example, the arrangement of crisp drinking water, the transportation of waste water, and the assortment of strong waste, reusing, and different administrations as expected under the Metropolitan Demonstration and other regulation. The unconditional funding enables municipal governments to achieve budget equilibrium and lessen the financial burden placed on local taxpayers.

Later this year, grants in lieu of taxes for 2023 will also be transferred. For Yukon government properties within municipal boundaries, grants-in-lieu of taxes totaling $9.9 million were transferred to municipalities in 2022.

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