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Momtaz Night in Canada

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Poster of Momtaz Night

As a Bengalee, songs in are our blood. The wholeness of Bangaliana is very vividly expressed in Jari-Shari-Bhawaya and folk songs. With the sound of Palligan and Baul, we go back to Ajanm Bengali soil, pull, tune, and song. Regardless of the complexity of the song, and above all the dirty politics, the main goal of a music evening can only be pure entertainment, regardless of the artist’s creed, caste, or political ideology!

Popular Bengali folk singer, Momtaz Begum, is coming to the Toronto Pavilion at 190 Railside Road, Toronto, on Friday night, August 4, to entertain 100,000 culture-hungry Bengalis in Canada.

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There are more than 700 folk song albums of this folk song empress, who is better known as ‘Sur Samragji’ in the country and internationally. Nominated for Best Female Vocalist at the 2013 RTV Star Awards, come flock to the Toronto Pavilion to be swept away by the frenzied folk tunes of this empress.

She will sing all the well-known and popular folk songs of Bangladesh in his soulful voice. As a special attraction along with the artist Momtaz, the talented and talented artist Lovely Dev invited from Bangladesh is also present. This popular singer from the Sylhet region, beautiful and melodious with her infinite passion for work, has gained special recognition by singing in various stage shows in Bangladesh, India and England.

And there are more young people of this generation, the heartbeat of the young heartthrob. She will not miss the surprise for you These virtuoso artistes whose dazzling presence will surely enthrall the audience present.

Collect your ticket today to secure your seat in this much awaited concert. Here is the link to buy tickets online for the event, also for those who are interested, there is also an arrangement to collect tickets from Danforth’s GHOROAA RESTAURANT or Spicy Grill.

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