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That’s why Toronto is one of the best cities in the world

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Toronto is among the 25 best cities in the world in a recent ranking

Toronto is among the 25 best cities in the world in a recent ranking. Resonance Consultancy recently released its list of the best cities in the world in 2024. Toronto topped the list with the highest score in Canada.

Toronto ranked 23rd on this year’s list. The city has taken a step forward this year compared to last year. Other Canadian cities that made the list include Vancouver at 50th, Montreal at 60th, Ottawa at 90th and Calgary at 93rd.

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According to the global consulting firm, Toronto’s economic growth driven by immigrants and global investment has propelled the city. The city’s population is growing rapidly, with massive construction going on, making the city a global destination. Also, the recently added Love Park near Toronto’s waterfront at York Street and Queens Quay Bay has added an extra attraction.

Andrew Weir, executive vice president of Destination Toronto, told CTV News Toronto that while the city has moved up this year, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. At the same time, we have to look at other similar cities as well.

Weir points to London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. They have been recognized as alpha cities for centuries.

Diversity also contributed to Toronto being at the top of the list. Ware said what would be relevant to say about Toronto is its inclusion. It is very correct, it cannot be said that there are jobs here. But there are inclusions, which are the envy of many cities.

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