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I wrote the name in my heart

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Only those who write know how intense the pain is No one else will understand how much writing people sacrifice

Only those who write know how intense the pain is. No one else will understand how much writing people sacrifice, how much they bleed. When I developed an interest in reading or writing from my youth, I did not know that it would become the greatest joy of my life, my passion for living.

Since then, I had an endless struggle. Oscillations of non-survival. But I didn’t want to give up easily. My dream never gave up on me. I’m a dreamer. Dreaming doesn’t cost money, nobody knows. I knew where my joy was. What makes Ananda happy is what I say. Since I am a solitary person, a living person, writing and reading books became my recourse.

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I left Barisal and came to Dhaka empty-handed for writing. I had a tough fight in the life of Dhaka. The eternal struggle was ours; It is more for organization than for writing. Then one day I went abroad. That was also a challenge for me. And I am not alone, I have a whole family with me. Even when I came abroad, I struggled hard. To be nice to everyone. To be good with my environment, our friends, relatives. Nature has always been our helper.

Above all, I never distanced myself from writing. It is not an easy task to continue regular literary discussions in the difficult life abroad. I do that too.

why do
Because I love literature. Because I love writers, I love those who read literature, I love my readers. The biggest reason I write is because I enjoy writing. Readers are my biggest inspiration.

A new book of mine has been published this year at Akusher Granthmela. Biographical memoirs and free prose books written in the heart of the name. Along with the new book, my other books will also be available. The book is published by Ananya. Covered by Dhruv Esh. Number of pages is 600. Ananya’s Pavilion Number-32. See you friends in chat and stories…

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