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People do not tell lies before death

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“I have done no injustice in my life.” This was said by Ershad Sikdar just before his execution.

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Ershad Shikdar’s executioner Shah Jahan, who served 32 years in jail, said this in response to journalists’ questions after coming out yesterday. News from DBC. As an executioner, he executed many high profile accused like Banglabhai, Saka Chowdhury, Munir, and other accused of Bangabandru. As such, he is a celebrity executioner. He went to jail for killing people. Because according to the law it was a crime. But the fact that he has hanged more people in the jail under the instructions of the government is not a crime in the eyes of the law. It is said that killing people is sometimes not a crime!

People do not tell lies before death. So what is the meaning of what Ershad Shikder said? Does it stand for money? He did no injustice? What if the judiciary hanged him based on false information? May be. Because judges make mistakes too. Many are punished for not committing a crime. The words of judgment cry quietly. I do not know which is true? Justice Department or Ershad Shikder?

There are some people in the world who often do not know the difference between truth and lies. As some cannot distinguish between justice and injustice. Others do not understand the difference between love and hate.

Truth-false, love-hate, justice-injustice are also relative.

Satisfying the tiger’s hunger by hunting the deer is fair to the tiger and unjust to the deer, even though it is reasonable. Because the deer’s right to live is a corresponding right.
In British India, the suppression of the rebellion by the British government was legally justified for Bahadur, and the desire for independence of Indians was also justified. All are charismastanisial.

Again, they also have psychological aspects. Because when a thief steals, some kind of logic works in him. Then perhaps he thinks that by stealing he will stave off hunger. It is his right to live by taking food. Or if his thought process (so called) is dysfunctional, then he does not think stealing is unfair. But in the eyes of the law it is a crime.
And when a professional killer kills people, he may think it’s his job. He is fulfilling his professional responsibilities. He may think that the one who hired him for the murder, all the sins will be his. It is also his responsibility. It’s a psychological thing.

When one country is at war with another country, thousands of civilians and soldiers die. Those who are soldiers are also people. They also have the right to live. He or she who orders war is also human.

In truth, justice and injustice have not yet become universal. As human rights could not. Even if we admit something in the book pen, we cannot follow it in reality. For that reason, in most countries of the world, the punishment for murder is still murder.

Truth, lies, and injustice are still complicated matters for the world.

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