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If you have diabetes, you must follow the rules

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If you are suffering from diabetes you have to follow many rules

If you are suffering from diabetes, you have to follow many rules. Because then it is not possible to follow a normal routine like other ten people. Diabetes is harmful. But it can be controlled if you follow the rules. Keeping diabetes under control will make it easier to stay away from many diseases. Let’s know what rules should be followed if you have diabetes-

Avoid sweet foods
People with diabetes should try to avoid sugary foods. No matter how tempting, don’t eat such foods. At times you may crave for cold drinks. But that desire must also be controlled. Do not consume any kind of cold drinks. Because it contains a lot of sugar. So avoid them.

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To avoid diabetes, you need to completely avoid processed foods and refined carbohydrates. Because eating such foods can raise your blood sugar levels. This is a very harmful habit for those suffering from diabetes.

Fried and high fat foods
Diabetes means an unwritten ban on all kinds of delicious food. If you are suffering from this type of problem, you must avoid eating fried and high fat foods. Because such food increases blood sugar. The affected person may suffer from more diseases.

Avoid white bread
Many people eat white bread for breakfast. If you have diabetes then such food should be avoided. You can eat red flour bread instead of white bread. Because eating white bread also increases blood sugar. So exclude such foods from the list.

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