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How can he become the institutional head of space research?

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Most of our journalists do not know exactly what is going on in the country what is the work of any organization how can they report well Most of them do not study do not do research most of them are Shonaullah nature

Most of our journalists do not know what is going on in the country, what is the work of any organization, how can they report well? Most of them do not study, do not do research, most of them are Shonaullah nature. In other words, after hearing what he said, he killed the report without verifying the truth or falsity.

Bangladeshi people on some newspapers and Facebook on Facebook yesterday were stunned by the success of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chandrayaan and compared it to Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARSSO). Chairman agriculturist Abdus Samad trolled the news and posted it on Facebook. They say, this agriculturalist’s job is to cultivate rice, how can he become the institutional head of space research! Will he go to the moon to grow potatoes? When the success of Bangladesh’s agricultural research has provided food for 160 million people in the country, such disparaging propaganda against the country’s agronomists and agricultural scientists has hurt me terribly.

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Sir, Indian Space Research Organisation’ has been dealing with 100% Space Planetary, Rocket Science since 1962 (then called INCOSPAR). Their formation process is similar to that of NASA. Initially, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru did not allocate much money to the institute, calling the research a poor man’s horse disease. Later, when space research became indispensable for the country’s economic development, communication and defense programs due to international geopolitical issues, India invested huge amounts of money here. Today’s success of India is the result of continuous research for a long time. On the other hand, SPARRSO of Bangladesh was established to provide climate and meteorological data to the Department of Agriculture, Forestry, Forestry and Geology of Bangladesh through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS). The main objective was to use advanced satellite technology remote sensors to provide early warning of when and where floods, heavy rain storms and tornadoes may cause crop damage. In this way, one of the 17 categories of Spurso also does the task of signaling the storm. The remaining 15 work on agricultural information. So there should be an agriculturist as the head. It was before and still is. Yes, for the information of the reader, a department of SPARSO works on space or space research, Bangabandhu satellite was installed by them with the help of foreign technology. A poor country like Bangladesh has not yet come to the situation of allocating funds for space and rocket science research. So what’s more than an ignorant argument that you’ll go to the moon with the current agrarian structure of Sperso?

Let me remind you sir. In 1971, food production for the country’s total population of 71.2 million was 1.1 million tons of rice. In the last 49 years that production has now reached 3 crore 87 lakh tonnes only thanks to the discovery of high yielding varieties and advanced technologies developed by agricultural research. A small country, the construction of overcrowded houses and frequent sub-sanctuary madrasahs, rapid industrialization has already shrunk agricultural land by 30%. Before trolling the agriculturists for whose contribution is the production of so many crops on the remaining land, think for a moment. In the fifty years of independence, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute has produced more than 100 UFC and hybrid rices and has given food security to Bangladesh, while Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute has developed 558 different crop varieties and 529 advanced technologies that have reduced our food import dependency to almost zero. Scientific research in Bangladesh is second to none in agricultural research. In the future world you will have money but you will not get it even though you cry a hundred times to buy food. Because food shortage is now the world’s number one problem. So love farmers and agriculturists, they are your pride. They will provide you with food. If there is no rice in the stomach, what will you eat to go to the moon?

Scarborough, Canada

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