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Friend, recognize your fellow traveler

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Friendship is a wonderful relationship

Friendship is a wonderful relationship. spiritual relationship Friendship is divine, comes from Allah. There is no relationship so pure as friendship if it is true friendship, if there is no selfishness. Friendship is never perfect. A superiority complex is not a true friendship.

Once that friendship runs away. Since we are humans, not angels, we will make mistakes. No relationship can be as pleasant, smooth and magical as friendship if you can ignore the little mistakes. A friend should never be thought of as a lover. Then it is no longer friendship. Lover means controlling each other, thinking of own property, fear of loss, tension.

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A lover means wanting to get close, flirting, acting like a leftover after getting it. Friendship doesn’t have that. Friendship is unconditional, there is no excuse for getting it, no promotion. One should not have multiple love relationships, then it is not love. If love is broken, there is no stopping to fall in love again.

That is moral, that is beauty. Married people should not have lovers. That would not be moral. And most of the husband and wife cannot become friends with each other easily. They have only one life to live, to rely on, to live by. Again there is conflict, there is hatred, there is animal behavior in bed and there are breakdowns. All these married life. Love may be hidden in this! Who knows! But friendship is above all.

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