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Praying for Afzal from Canada

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Take dollars from Iqbal I came back after sleeping in the morning and evening There was no money in the pocket However a few retail dollars remained in the pocket

There was a time when no matter how busy he was, he would come home almost for dinner after work. Afzal was still unmarried. I lived on the fourth floor of musician Azad Rahman and Selina Azad’s 64/C Green Road house.

Afzal also lived near Crescent Road. Afzal came as usual on the day when I was going to Los Angeles with my wife and daughter for 2 months. Cuddled my little daughter in her arms. I didn’t understand anything about Los Angeles for two months.

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California’s world’s best highways, known there as freeways, have not been torn apart by high-speed east-west-north-south driving. 17 times in Vegas, 24 times in San Francisco, 5 times in San Diego, 5 times across the border, two years spent flying around like a dry leaf to the border town of Tiwana, Mexico. In order to avoid visa problems, I enrolled myself in a 2-year course of modern paintings at the Plain Art Institute in Pasadena, Los Angeles.

I returned to the green road after two years. I heard about Afzal’s marriage. Yellow on the body today. Dilam Daund Crescent Road. In the courtyard, Samiana Loke Lokaranya Dhaka Theater is dancing. Whoever is caught smearing turmeric on his face, money is taken from him.

As soon as I entered, Nima came and smeared turmeric all over my face. Others raised their hands to take money, Nima said no money! Take dollars from Iqbal! I came back after sleeping in the morning and evening. There was no money in the pocket. However, a few retail dollars remained in the pocket. Ah, how many days have passed after all those days. But if you think about it, this is the day!

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