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Refugees flood into Toronto

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as of March 31 2022 as of March 31 2022 there were 935 unsettled claims returned to the RPD for resettlement by the Federal Court or the Refugee Appeal Division of asylum seekers from Bangladesh according to Statistics Canada

Asuman Najeeb Salir sleeps on the streets of Toronto. He fled Uganda due to government persecution and now has a hard-plastic gray suitcase, two canvas grocery bags, a blue foam bed roll, a beige jacket, his prayer mat, a large plaid floor sheet and an umbrella. All of Asuman Najeeb Sali’s belongings hang from a tree outside a shelter in downtown Toronto. “This is my home now. And these are my things,” Shali said, rolling her hands on the ground around the rice plant.

According to statistics from Metrotrends, 1 lakh 30 thousand 125 refugees applied to Canada in 2021. A significant number of these have been accepted as conventional refugees. Many of the applications that were not accepted appealed. Those who have not appealed are applying or will apply on humanitarian grounds through lawyers.

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However, as of March 31, 2022, as of March 31, 2022, there were 935 unsettled claims returned to the RPD for resettlement by the Federal Court or the Refugee Appeal Division of asylum seekers from Bangladesh, according to Statistics Canada. 725 cases have been referred. 493 has been accepted. 725 have been cancelled.

Housing is a big problem for refugee seekers in Canada, especially in Toronto. Toronto Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie said last May that the number of asylum seekers in the city’s shelters had increased by 500% in 20 months from 530 per night in September 2021 to more than 2,800 in May of this year.

Refugee candidates from Bangladesh also come to this reporter for professional reasons like other countries. So is one Hamida (pseudonym). Education SSC. how did you come I asked through the broker. I wanted to go to Dubai. The broker said to increase one lakh rupees and give four lakhs, I will send it to Canada. So I did.” Not everyone is like Hamida, some come as tourists and claim refugee. After enrolling the children in school, he came as a parent. Then make a refugee application through a lawyer or immigration consultant. If you return to Bangladesh as a reason, there is a threat to your life, there is a fear of being killed. In exchange for money, lawyers arrange the story in that way.

Immigration lawyer Barrister Waseem Ahmed told the reporter that his client’s accepted application story was copied by another immigration consultant and continued in his client’s case. The business of immigration consultants and lawyers is going very well in the Bengali neighborhood of Toronto.

Canada aims to bring 5 lakh people every year. People are also coming to Canada through Skilled Category, Family Sponsorship. In this regard, Bangladesh is still not among the top ten countries. The top three countries for immigrants to Canada in 2022 are India, China and Afghanistan. Most of them came to Ontario 1 lakh 84 thousand 725 people.

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