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Dream in abroad

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Dream in abroad

Six months of Dream in abroad: There is a big difference between dream and reality, so real beauty is not enjoyable if you don’t stand in front of reality. It is not understood what is the nature of man in imagination and reality. Today marks six months of the dream journey.

After coming, I had to face the strong current, I did not understand whether I can survive against this current, I am trying, but still the intensity of the current has not decreased. There has been an improvement, that is the tolerance to bear the anger has increased.

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Today the mind is very bad, today I pulled the end of the first job to realize the golden dream of -e-dollars and new job, informed about the impossibility of not working.

The manager is a Bangladeshi sister, she helped me a lot, she is a bit disappointed. The dream and hope are as small as possible, if the combination of faith and hope does not happen, sorrow is certain.

It was a long dream to visit Canada. God looked up in an unexpected way, as soon as he got that visa of fullness of hope, speculation started, age stood in the way, at this age it was a sign of stupidity to go abroad, the mind was not willing to give up the hope of winning the dream. The anxiety did not subside.

Finally came to the decision for 3 months! In that way, human preparation was taken. If I get work, it will be considered later. PR in 1 month. One job was managed in one month. Then I got a job at Amazon through an interview.

It is a great experience. I don’t understand the language. Still, now that memory makes me laugh. I will master the language as much as it is useful. Not to prove Canadian, eat – drink, learn the culture as much as I need to learn. I never liked anything exaggerated, I don’t want to put it.

Six months have passed. I don’t know how long I will stay, although it will depend on the environmental conditions, but I will return after proving myself worthy.

Many things have to be heard and accepted in expatriate life. It doesn’t matter. What I am, what I am doing, no one else should know or understand more than me. At first I traveled a lot when I was unemployed, now I don’t have time anymore, time and weather is a huge factor.

I miss my country, soil and people. No matter how much you think! Mother, soil, people can never be forgotten, even then I don’t want to prove, I am a citizen of this country, here everyone is like everyone else, accepting everything, practicing to accept, pretending to raise their heads, everyone is constantly playing the drama of survival! Above all, I want to live in this identity of Bangladesh.

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