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Van shopping

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I bought two pajamas from Van Pajama length 40 inches

If the price of clothes in Bangladesh is calculated in dollars, it seems very cheap. There are some cloth sellers in vans on both sides of the road, whose cloth price is almost the price of water if you calculate it in dollars. I never deprive myself of buying clothes at the cost of water. So I buy clothes from the van whenever I get a chance.

But while buying clothes from Vans one has to be aware of the size of the clothes and other details. I bought two pajamas from Vans today. Pajama length 40 inches. I took a Van Waller measuring tape and measured, checked buttons, chains, pockets, etc. and bought a bargain. It felt good. A very winning attitude!

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When I got home, I thought I would check again if everything is fine. I searched and found a measuring tape in the drawer. I was very surprised to see that the size of the pajama was 32 inches. Surprised and disappointed at the same time. I was bored. All my awareness is in vain!

But I won’t quit. Sange Sange again went to that spot and luckily got the van owner. Told her that she probably gave me a different size pajama by mistake. She said very confidently that she gave me size 40. I took out the measuring tape I found in the drawer of the bag and measured it.

Van Walla said — ‘You got your tape wrong’.

I said – ‘Brother you are wrong’.

He brought another one from a nearby van and showed that it was size 40. Means my tape is wrong.

I put mine next to his tape and saw the size of two by two. I told him — ‘Brother I am very confused. I will not take this pajama’.

The van guy is very polite. Gave my money. I came home. When I got home, I found another measuring tape and it looked like the picture below. The green tape is wrong.

I don’t know where I got this wrong tape. I don’t know who made it, why it made it. I thought to myself — ‘There is a lot to know’.

Go to the van again tomorrow to buy pajamas!

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