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City of cloud and mountain

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The author sits in front of the world famous Lake Louise

Vacationing has quite a pleasant affinity. But what can always be matched! However, I never thought that this September long weekend would bring quite a surprise. My husband Salam Sahib hung two Air Canada tickets in front of his eyes and said, the dream city of Banff is calling you now. I was speechless with happiness for a while and then I rushed to prepare for the journey. This is like Oth Chudi (old lady) your journey has begun!

I left for Air Canada at 8:30 am on September 1st. A four-hour drive from Toronto. The plane will land at Calgary Airport. Drive from the airport to Banff. But! The sea dries up wherever the bad luck wants it (or does the plane have problems?). After 40 minutes of flying from Toronto, the captain politely informed us that the plane had a slight pressure error and we would have to return to Toronto. oh god Constantly asking for the help of Allah Rabbul Alamin and reading prayers and blessings, I finally got down with my life in my hands. Why is this not always the case?

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After coming to Toronto, I will go again or go back home – suffering from this dilemma, I finally boarded the plane according to the new flight schedule given by the plane authority and I felt in my bones what a drop in time and ten drops in time really is! Now it’s a long six-hour journey to Vancouver in the opposite direction. Then get down to Vancouver airport and take a connecting plane to Calgary again. By the grace of Allah, this long journey was very smooth. But some of the trouble still remains. When I went down to Calgary to pick up the luggage, I saw that a lot of luggage had lost its way somewhere else. I have a carefully packed suitcase hoping to go to the mountain town of Banff in the Canadian Rockies and find a mountain girl! A 4-hour journey took 20 hours, then I lost Sadh’s suitcase and saw mustard flowers in my eyes. Morji’s mood turned fatal. Anger and who can be swept away – except on him! Snarling in anger, I climbed out – to Banff.

Our current address is the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. It was evening. A light darkness is coming over Charachar. Cars are moving beyond the city. On both sides of the road, Canada’s beloved Rockies are visible in the semi-darkness. Anger and fatigue are gradually disappearing at the sight of that Pavartamala in the gray sky.

The next morning, pink light greeted us from the hotel window. Through the window, I saw rows of Rocky Mountains leaning against the sky with a thin sheet of fog. The sun has just started to shine! Its golden color casts a glow on the peaks of the stone mountains. Green forest is touching the stone foot. A faint stream of green water flows in a meandering way. What an unworldly beauty has been created. Seeing this wonderful creation of the great creator, I was filled with emotion, “You will deny any blessing of Allah Rabbul Alamin!”

After breakfast it was our turn to get to know the town of Banff. The most comforting and happy thing of all is that Air Canada always found our suitcase and delivered it to the hotel with great care.

The author in front of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff

City of Banff
Banff is a picturesque mountain town in the province of Alberta located at the highest elevation in Canada and is located within the Banff National Park. Banff National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, as was the Canadian Rocky Mountain Park. The entire town of Banff is one heavily beautiful park with the beautiful Lake Princesses running through its heart. And he is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains of Canada as if they are guarding this city.

First on our Banff city itinerary was a visit to Lake Louise. You can hire a car from the hotel, drive yourself or take a taxi, but we decided to go by tourist bus. Earlier tourist bus tickets were booked online. I left the hotel and took the bus to Banff down town. Our ROAM bus is standing here. Long line of tourists wearing colorful clothes in front of the bus. We also joined them. The weather is very nice. Bright sunny morning. Looking around, I caught a glimpse of Banff’s charming dining town.

I will talk about that later. Now leave for Lake Louise by Rome bus. What a beautiful path – on both sides of the beautiful rocky hills, the green forests are sitting at the foot of the hill as if they are busy talking to each other. With the dark blue of the sky, the mountains raise their throats as if they are talking about love. The eternal song is ringing in the mind – the path of the colored soil beyond the village…

Reached Lake Louise along that beautiful route.

How long I looked at this heaven in awe. She is the daughter of the mountain. The stream of clear green water flows in your mind. The mountains surround him with care and affection from all sides. It seemed that Lake Louise was the lifeblood of these rocky mountains.
Thousands of years ago, indigenous peoples lived in the rocky mountain ridges surrounding Lake Louise. They considered the water of Lake Louise very sacred and used it in all their religious rituals and for fishing. The lake was known to the tribals as the small fish lake.

In 1882 Canadian railway employee Tom Wilson was first taken to this lake by an Aboriginal person. Tom was so impressed by the lake’s green water that he named it Lake Emerald.

Indeed, when we looked at the lake, what an incredibly beautiful green illusion covered its long body. I quietly say to this princess, you are truly a pannavati cow – Lake Louise.

Two years later Lake Emerald was renamed Lake Louise. Named after Princess Louise, Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter.

Thousands of tourists visit Lake Louise every year. It is still very crowded. Some are traveling by boat in its water, some are sitting touching the green water, and no one can stop taking pictures. The area surrounding the lake is also very beautiful. Seeing this Pannavati, the hope is not fulfilled. Still have to get up. Then our destination is Lake Moraine. (continued)

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