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To increase Francophone immigration, Canada expands the Francophone Mobility Program

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Francophone immigration is at the heart of the Government of Canadas priorities

The immigration of Francophones is a top priority for the Canadian government. The country has always been ahead of the curve in its efforts to welcome as many French-speaking citizens as possible by implementing novel strategies to encourage newcomers to contribute to minority communities and thus preserve our social fabric.

The Noteworthy Sean Fraser, Pastor of Migration, Evacuees and Citizenship, declared the development of the Francophone Versatility Program, for a time of two years, which permits a Canadian business to make a bid for employment to a qualified competitor with a moderate order of French for all Public Occupation Characterization except for occupations in essential farming. This measure, which was initially restricted to highly skilled French-speaking temporary foreign workers, now gives more immigrants who speak French the chance to gain work experience in Canada and possibly qualify for permanent residency.

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All foreign nationals applying for a work permit through the Francophone Mobility Program now have to meet more stringent French language proficiency requirements. For oral comprehension and expression, the temporary foreign national must be moderately fluent in French. A level 5 of the language requirements corresponds to this. All of these jobs require proficiency in French, so these new language requirements will increase the pool of qualified French-speaking foreign nationals.

In addition, applicants must now demonstrate their proficiency in these languages. This written evidence might include, but is not limited to: a document confirming studies at a French-language institution, a diploma or degree from a French college or university, or the French competencies test.

The Government of Canada is able to strengthen its commitment to promoting the country’s population growth and economic prosperity by making these adjustments as part of the Francophone Mobility Program. Additionally, they enable it to continue its efforts to address the labor shortage and contribute to the vitality of Francophone minority communities.

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