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Uno Sir

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The godfather of this region is Mr Reza In the first sequence a small rival is killed by Kate in a sa mil karate

‘Uno Sir’ has arrived at Mitu’s house. Sir is worried seeing Mitu’s file and sir’s eyes are full of tears seeing Mitu. Mitu is a mother of one child, sad, tired, as if this woman has become speechless. What is the story of this woman? And what does Uno have to do with that story?

The godfather of this region is Mr. Reza. In the first sequence, a small rival is killed by Kate in a sa-mil karate. Jor Jhar Mulluk has been doing all the misdeeds including grabbing the land of the area in his policies. This godfather Reza has created a reign of terror by creating panic among people by causing major incidents. Mezbah Uddin Suman has created the story in a beautiful connection of these power- helplessness and protest. A bit detective, murder mystery genre film ‘Uno Sir’ is produced by Syed Shakeel.

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The web film was good in one word. Especially political thriller type content attracts me more. I have grown up to see the country’s politics, the power of rural power. When you see these films and content, you feel like you are seeing a piece of naked politics on the screen.

The production of the film was satisfactory. Color grading, music, location, camera work was good. Ziaul Farooq was excellent as Uno. Her look, getup, body fitness suits the character. A few days ago it was a ‘Dark Justice’ type character. I like Apurba’s attitude.

Tatini has become a struggling woman in this story. The death of the husband at the hands of the power, the eviction from the house, the life of many struggles with the little child. It was a glamor-nonglamour character. Tatini acted fairly well. Intekhab Dina has captured the horror of a Khal hero. The web film is showing on Deepta Play.

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