Sunday, July 21, 2024

Canadians Can Travel Freely to 124 Countries, Passport Ranked 7th Globally

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Canadians can still explore the world with relative ease but their passports global ranking has taken a slight dip

Canadians can still explore the world with relative ease, but their passport’s global ranking has taken a slight dip. According to the 2024 Passport Index, Canada’s passport now sits at number 7, granting visa-free entry to 124 destinations.

While this means Canadians can explore most of the world without pre-arrangements, it’s a drop from previous years. Canada held the coveted 4th spot in 2022 and 6th in 2021.

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Despite the slip, Canada remains on par with several other strong passports, including Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Australia. The United States ranks slightly higher at 6th, offering the same visa-free access to 124 countries but requiring visas for slightly more destinations upon arrival and before departure.

The top spot this year belongs solely to the United Arab Emirates, showcasing its remarkable travel freedom. Meanwhile, countries like Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq find themselves at the bottom of the ranking due to stricter visa requirements.

Canadians seem to be taking advantage of their passport’s power, with overseas travel statistics soaring as COVID-19 restrictions loosen. Compared to 2022, Canadians took 56.6% more trips abroad in October 2023.

So, while Canada’s passport may not be the world’s strongest anymore, it still unlocks doors to a vast array of adventures across the globe. For Canadians eager to explore, the world remains their oyster, visa-free in many corners.

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