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Ancient Sin City, today unimaginable Las-Vegas

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Although the Grand Canyon is located in Arizona it is easily accessible by various means of transportation from Las Vegas so millions of tourists visit the Grand Canyon National Park with the same dream as Las Vegas making Las Vegas a major attraction for leisure travelers

A long time ago, the American province of Nevada was a harsh climate, almost a desert, sparsely populated. Where today Las-Vegas is the bustling dream of modernity, 200 years ago it was a sleepless town occupied by railroad workers, prospectors in search of gold mines, illegal gambling, prostitution, robberies and everything. That’s why it was called Sin City (Nick name Sin City).

The valley was generally inhabited by nomadic, some indigenous peoples, in 1829 the first European Rafael Rivera came to the valley in search of a new route to Santa Los Angeles. Inspired by the abundance of wild grasses in the desert and some water in desert springs, he named the valley Las Vegas – Spanish for “meadows” in English.

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The hot climate, unproductive soil, and limited water resources all made development progress slow in the Americas. As an exception, a red light area developed called Block – 16 Fremont Street, where gambling flourished, although the government later became difficult to enforce the law, which was banned by order from 1910. But gamblers and prostitutes do not listen to the law and talk about religion. For 20/25 years, everything continued in the secret hideout, but later, the modern version of gambling was legalized by the government, the world’s best hotel chains and casinos were built, now, of course, almost all American states have casino laws.

Around this time in 1931 the US federal government attempted to build Hoover Dam on the Colorado River near the Arizona border near Las Vegas, still perhaps the most significant development project in Nevada history, which was completed in 1936. Hoover Dam is one of the largest and most ambitious public works undertaken by the US federal government. Its construction brought new residents (and gamblers) to Las Vegas, in addition to water and electricity, the two main products of its construction. Hoover Dam is a major tourist attraction, attracting more than 7 million visitors annually.

Moreover, the Grand Canyon is a river valley in the Colorado Plateau that exposes uplifted Proterozoic and Paleozoic strata, although it is not the deepest canyon in the world. The Grand Canyon is well known for its visually overwhelming size and colorful landscape. Geologically, it is significant because of the thick sequence of ancient rocks that are well preserved and exposed on the canyon walls. A steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in Arizona, United States. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and over a mile deep.

Although the Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, it is easily accessible from Las Vegas by various means of transport, so millions of tourists visit the Grand Canyon National Park with the same dream as Las Vegas, making Las Vegas a major attraction for leisure travelers.

One of the oldest hotel-casinos in this ancient city is the Golden Nugget. Its huge neon sign became an icon on Fremont Street. The hotel has been featured on the Hollywood big screen several times, including Elvis Presley’s Viva Las Vegas and Diamonds Are Forever. Elvis Presley stayed many nights at this hotel, the hotel also has a road called Elvis Presley Boulevard.

The Nevada Atomic Test Site, established in 1950 within the confines of the Air Force base, was the site of several early tests of nuclear devices, nicknamed Atomic City because of the test mushroom cloud visible from various hotels in Las Vegas.

Several of the city’s most famous hotels opened in the 1950s, cementing Las Vegas’ position as the casino and entertainment capital of the United States. Sahara and Sands, Riviera, Royal Nevada, Dunes and Tropicana were launched between 1952 and 1957. The Stardust, Nevada’s largest hotel at the time, opened in 1958. Collectively, these hotels essentially bring about the Golden Age of Las Vegas.

New and exciting hotels were needed to glitz up to the outside world, so in 1989 The Mirage, the world’s most luxurious hotel at the time, appeared, boasting a glittering exterior with a five-story waterfall. Inspired by the success of The Mirage, a succession of themed family-friendly megahotels took over the Las-Vegas Strip, such as the Excalibur, the Luxor Las Vegas (its pyramid-like design, hence the nickname A Piece of Egypt) and Steve Wynn’s Treasure Island, all opening in rapid succession. goes The Venetian and Paris Las Vegas also opened in 1999.

There are several hotels in the history of Las Vegas that have reshaped the city, the Bellagio Hotel being one such, it first opened its doors in 1998. The Fountain of Bellagio features a choreographed fountain of rippling water, with lights and music performed every half hour, on an 8-acre man-made artificial lake. One of the most spectacular hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, the Bellagio is designed with a focus on luxury. It is said that the Sheikh of Dubai was impressed by the construction and architecture of this hotel and called the Bellagio’s builder when he decided to build Burj Al Arab, the tallest tower in the world in Dubai. The builders of the Bellagio built the Burj-al-Arab. It can also be mentioned that many Hollywood films have been shot in this hotel.

On our trip, the picture of Las Vegas that I painted in my mind did not match in reality, I thought that the city of casinos would have casinos in huge palaces, entertainment-loving rich people would come from different hotels and get drunk on games. In fact, every hotel is a casino.

Las Vegas’ famous luxury casino and hotel strip is home to some of the world’s most well-known and extravagant hotels, the grandest of hotels and casinos, opulence not only in its lavish suites but throughout its complex of amenities and attractions. So maybe Las Vegas is known for having the best entertainment in the world. Now where in the world is there a people’s war with ammunition or all countries are in an economic war today, those who are or have come to Las Vegas have no impression of any problem in their minds, joy is joy, where is the leisure to look back? Slot after slot is being played, there is a magnificent tavern in front.

Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city, known primarily for its casinos, shopping, fine dining, entertainment and nightlife. The Las Vegas Valley as a whole is the leading financial, commercial and cultural center for Nevada.

A contender for the biggest travel breakthrough of the century, the Virgin Hyperloop train has been undergoing successful tests in North Las Vegas since 2017. Elon Musk and Silicon Valley investor Sherwin Pishever are partnering with Hyperloop Virgin Group in hopes of super-speed connectivity. Los Angeles, along with Las Vegas, will take passengers from one city to the other in 30 minutes with a distance estimated at 455km:m. The company aims to launch the first commercial line by 2022. In fact, now we have to look at the groundbreaking planes that changed the world. When this connection is completed, Las-Vegas will become more vibrant and unforgettable.

I, the author of this essay Nanigopal Debnath, had the privilege of visiting Las Vegas from June 29 to July 4, accompanied by Toronto-based engineer Ratan Saha, Ratan my brother Anuj and Chotabhai Sam Snehaspad. Our visit was pleasant and wonderful, especially as we went to the Bengal conference held there on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, at the Planet Hollywood Hotel, where we also stayed. The Banga conference could not be held for the past three years due to the epidemic, the organizers are encouraged by the fact that the eyes of the corona are a little less colorful this time and they have received an equal response. Apart from the local artists of North America, all the famous and successful artists came from West Bengal and Bangladesh. The daily program ended in a very joyful and grand ceremony amidst dances, songs, literature discussions, film shows and chats. The success of the Banga Conference is due to the dedication of the North American Bengal Culture Association and the love of Bengali literature and culture of the immigrant Bengali community. As a result of the combination of these two, it is possible to organize it in different big cities for the last 42 years. After I came to Canada in 2006, I watched it twice in Toronto from my hometown, and I also went to America to see it in Baltimore. My wife Neelima passed away last April 7th, unfortunately I felt her emptiness every moment during this journey.

Ratan Banga and I visited and explored various places far away from Las-Vegas before and after the conference, awestruck by the pomp and glitz, memories that will surely be ingrained for the rest of our lives.

Scarborough, Canada

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