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Canada’s immigration minister is concerned

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Marc Miller

Canada’s Housing and Immigration Minister Marc Miller has commented that there is dishonesty and corruption in the immigration system of foreign students in Canada. He also commented that some individuals and groups are benefiting from this. Marc Miller expressed concern about this in an interview aired on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation last Saturday. He said, ‘There is no such problem in government universities. Their student admission process is very transparent. At the center of my concern are the private universities and colleges that are being established every year all over the country.

In the interview, the minister said that by the end of 2023, at least 900,000 new students will come to Canada from abroad to enroll in various universities. This is the highest number of international student arrivals in Canadian history. More than three times as many foreign students are coming to Canada this year as compared to just a decade ago.

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“Universities admit foreign students every year,” said Miller. It is very profitable and there are some problems in the system, fraud is resorted to. Nowadays many foreign students have no rules for admission. They (students) are being smuggled into Canada through the back door. By using loopholes in this system, some individuals are breaking the law and looting huge sums of money. Coordination and transparency of our student immigration system and process is now our major concern.

According to Marc Miller, private and public universities earn billions of dollars each year from international students. Annual income ranges from $14.7 to $22.1 billion. Canada is a popular destination for international students as work opportunities on student visas are relatively easy. Some people and organizations are legitimately making a lot of money. Some people are cheating. My main concern is the unfairness of the system.

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for students and aspirants from least developed and developing countries in the world. Every year lakhs of foreign students enroll in various undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in various universities in Canada.

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