Wednesday, May 22, 2024

I Have no wait

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The slightest sound woke me up So once I turn off the lights no one makes any noise

I have no problem sleeping. I can go to bed and fall asleep quickly. Nidradevi takes me to the state of sleep by magic. But my sleep is very thin. I don’t have what you call a deep sleep. I do not sleep like Ravana’s brother Kumbhakarna.

The slightest sound woke me up. So once I turn off the lights no one makes any noise. I also turn off my phone before going to sleep. But last few days I am not sleeping properly. Waking up repeatedly at night. Get up and go to the washroom, drink water, try to sleep again, get up again. This is how the night ends.

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I see the morning through the window. Earlier, I used to get up once and pray Fajr. Now I see the sky in the east gradually turning crimson, I see the light emerging.

There are many reasons for not sleeping. The first reason is aritri. This situation has been happening since two days before Aritri left for America. Today is Saturday. Ordinarily, Aritri will arrive on Saturday. Sunday if you can’t come on Saturday. Sometimes two days. After coming home, he changed his clothes and sat down with his laptop. I started making tea. I can’t wait for this first Saturday. Tea is not made.

Aritrita left in a hurry. I have to go. This is how children go away for life’s needs. Now I understand how parents feel when their children go away. My mother felt the same when I left. Parents accept all this while holding the pain in their chest.

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