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Romantic musicals and dramas

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A fondness for musical drama series This is the first time I saw the TV series of Greece one of the countries of Europe

A fondness for musical drama series. This is the first time I saw the TV series of Greece, one of the countries of Europe. Although the series is mainly musical, some beautiful love stories have emerged. The main characters of the series are Orestes and Callelia. Orestes arrives at the village of Paxos, where a music festival is taking place. Meet Kelelia.

“I want to break free, I want to break free from your lies” I have fallen in love for the first time” This song is also beautiful. The song has more compassion than emotion. Romantic people will like this song. Late at night this song floated across the sea in a melodious voice. Kelelia practices classical music a lot. She can also play the piano well. A small chapter of love slowly begins with Orestes. The flower of love is waiting to bloom with ultimate beauty.

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Kelelia’s grandmother’s love story is also shown. About that year 1947. Kelelia’s grandmother, Mrs. Harris, still blooms with love. Still at this old age the boy serves his friend because of the fragrance that comes from the boiling flowers. Although unable to marry her boyfriend, she raised her May child. She also has a wonderful granddaughter. The witness of his love was the blue salt water and the random white and black clouds.

Family and family feuds as well as family bonds are prominent in the series. The series is like a living poem. A collection of emotional poems, romantic songs and funny stories. But why the red blood from the art? But Me Orestes is creating music with the soul of melody within the poem. Many people in the village are matching the tune. Orestes is now everyone’s favorite teacher. Kelelia’s grandmother and Miss Harris also sang at the top of their lungs. But behind this happiness there are many negative stories hidden.

One of the characters of the series is Mr. Carolombs and his wife Maria. Maria is being tortured everyday. There is a lot of trouble with Kelelia’s family. There is revenge hidden in the melody of the song. Along with the drama, some crime is shown. But drama lovers will love it. The character of Kelelia’s father Mi Finis is no less, he is standing for the position of mayor in this island village.

Why did the water of the sea become devoid of excitement. The water of the cry of Kelelia’s negative tears mixed with the water of the sea. The illegal flower of love that was spreading its fragrance all around began to fall. The legal wall between two hearts may have seen its form again.
At the end, many things will be clear about why the murders took place and the bodies went missing.

Music festivals are going on all over the island. One heart touching song is touching everyone’s heart. You will love every poem and lyrics in the series. Many unknown sorrows are hidden.

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