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The tension is high in such weather whether I can fly the flight on time or not

Toronto temperature minus 10 degrees, felt temperature minus 16 degrees. The tension is high in such weather, can I fly the flight on time?

A mother with her 6/7 month old baby. Going to Dhaka from Toronto on BG306 flight. We try to ensure a bassinet seat for mothers and babies so that the 18-hour journey is comfortable. Bassinet seats are some seats in the first row, in front of which there is a system of hanging baskets for babies on the wall. Mothers can keep their children sleeping safely in this basket.

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Sometimes there is a lot of jostling among the passengers for these seats. Here you can sit comfortably with your legs spread. But under my soft face there is a strong person, that person always wins over the child’s mother. It is not that you have to deal with less threats! Some techniques taught by the current Air Secretary Mokammel sir and I regularly eat Hodgmula herbs for anger digestion. So I easily digest these threats.

Let’s get to the point. The child’s mother and child are accompanied by three other passengers. They have a printed ticket but the ticket does not exist in the system. When contacting the Dhaka reservation office, they confirmed that so many canceled tickets! This has happened due to any intentional or unintentional mistake of the travel agency.

Now only the mother and child can go but the child’s father, grandparents cannot go. But fresh ticket can be cut. In the time I have, it will definitely take 1 hour to complete fresh ticket issue, payment, checking immigration and other tasks. The flight will be at least 30 and a half minutes! When the family decided to buy a fresh ticket, the boarding card baggage checking counter was almost over!

The child’s mother is crying, the child is crying, the grandmother is scolding her grandfather. Poor son-in-law soaked old coriander in water!

Toronto station is one of the first three stations of Bangladesh Biman to get 100% points in flight on time performance in the last one year. If the flight is delayed, I will lose the superiority of the Toronto station. With which my personal performance is also involved!
In some cases, a manager can ignore these issues from the passenger’s eyes, given that power in the manual.

Once I thought at the last moment not to take this Ricks. I have no right to trouble 290 passengers for 4 passengers. Moreover, flight delays are associated with reputational damage and additional financial costs. I will leave the flight without any delay without taking them.

This is a very critical decision. It also involves humanity!

It seems that the owner of the plane is the four passengers! I get paid with their tax money!

I remembered Surah Namal! About verses 17-19. The king’s son, the king of the hereafter and the king of the hereafter, did not forget the small ant like Solomon! Prayed to Allah with a soft smile.

I decided to leave the flight with them. I will take responsibility even if it is delayed for some time. But I will not leave a single passenger.

Within 15 minutes with the great efforts of Country Manager Mr. Mejbahuddin and the cooperation of General Sales Agent, our team successfully paid the payment through e-transfer within 15 minutes, completed 7/8 piece baggage checking, customs, immigration and put four passengers in the buggy. When we boarded the plane, we still had 5 minutes before departure.

At that time, the child’s mother said, brother! Brother! I forgot my small handbag at the security checking point! About a kilometer away from the security point! What do I do now!

I did the jigsaw, do you have your passport in that bag? He said no passport. I said a little harshly, you go to Dhaka. If the bag is available, rest assured I will send it on the next flight.

But this time, the sleeping man inside the baby’s mother jumped out and sat on me!

– I won’t go without a bag. My valuables in that bag! ID! etc. all! I bought tickets with money! Are you sending me please? Are you sending Magna?

I don’t even remember what he said at more supersonic speeds.

The three passengers sat on the seat of the plane but the baby’s mother is standing with one leg on the plane and the other leg on the boarding bridge with her baby in her lap!

The flight will be delayed for sure! At that time the engineer said, “Mosikur, some problems in water line!” It has been frozen! Potable water line is frozen! The plane is not filled with water! you decide 50% water is loaded, will the aircraft depart or not? ”

– No, I need at least 75% water from here and I can refill it from Istanbul, because the flight is almost full of passengers! Please find alternative way of supplying water immediately •••••”

On this occasion, I sent the child’s mother along with two staff members to the security checking point in a buggy to look for the bag. From there, our staff said that no bag was found here!

I went inside and asked the baby’s grandmother to find with you whether your daughter’s small bag came or not? Not the first, immediately with a cheeky smile, Nani said – sorry father! Forgot to come with me!

The child’s mother returned disappointed without getting the bag. In anger, fourteen groups of aircraft marched past me and entered the aircraft! I did not tell him the news that the bag was found with his mother, thinking that the poor thing would be ashamed.

Within 18 minutes, the ground engineer provided the necessary water in an alternate system. The door of the plane is closed!

1 kilometer away from the boarding bridge with tired feet, when returning to the office room, our team staff is not talking, everyone is quiet. Canadian children are human pulse, understand the mood very easily! They think that the use of the last time of the passenger has injured me greatly!

But a Canadian girl of Filipino origin asked me a question.

Moshikur, how are people, no! How many ricks you help! But his behavior is so bad!

I said to them, have you heard the name of Gautama Buddha? One day in the evening, he crossed the canal that broke the flood dam with an unknown helpless woman in his arms. At the time of leaving, the woman called from behind and said, “Listen, you took me in your arms, do you still have any sanctity in it?” All hypocrisy, leave this!

Gautama left quietly with his companions. At night when Dwipahar a disciple asked Gautama. Guru, why are people like this! Thinking of the events of the evening I can not sleep Guru! You do not feel bad! He cried because of this!

Gautama Buddha said to the disciple, listen, I forgot that there! Why do you still remember? My advice to you is “Don’t ever remember doing a favor to someone, it will increase your suffering in life.”

After hearing the story, the girl hugged me and said, You are my Papa! I have no more pain in my heart! Love you Papa!

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