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Arguments between couples strengthen relationships

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Quarrels in married life family complications are a very bad problem

Quarrels in married life, family complications are a very bad problem. It is very rare that there is no quarrel in married life. A big fight can be seen over a small incident or matter. Which is difficult to solve.

But it is better to have a small quarrel or argument about some things. As a result, the fear of the relationship becomes stronger. This discussion on such 7 issues-

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Talk to each other openly
Being able to open up with your partner is the foundation of a relationship. Couples of different generations also benefited from better communication with each other. On the other hand, if you don’t talk, the two people’s ‘ego’ or ego and lack of confidence becomes a barrier.

Apart from corporate jobs, Johaina also does freelance jobs. She said, ‘My husband and I work long hours every day. No matter how busy or tired we are, at the end of the day we talk to each other. I have reached home, at least let him know this much.’

No matter how independent we are, at the end of the day we all need someone to talk to. “Most couples find joy in being able to open up to their partner at the end of the day, and that naturally turns into time spent together,” she says.

Jealousy and suspicion
Suspicion of each other is one of the causes of turmoil in married life. Just because of mere suspicion, many people’s families break up, mutual life becomes miserable. Islam forbids both men and women from baseless suspicions, being influenced by the words of others, making decisions based on doubts. On the contrary, Islam enjoins open discussion with one’s spouse and maintaining good intentions until proof is obtained.

Not a unilateral decision
The relationship belongs to both of you, so take the decision together. It is not a bad decision that someone wants. Discuss all the reasons first. Try the solution. If both of you can’t, ask a close friend to help you. But first of all you have to be okay with yourself. Only then will everything be back to normal.

Economic Matters
Couples may have arguments about money. One may value saving for the future. Another prefers to spend spontaneously for the present. The growing up environment, family atmosphere, past experiences play an important role in this regard. So, the more openly we can discuss this matter, the better.

Work together to achieve the goal
People do different things to acquire new skills at every stage of life. Some learn swimming, some learn driving, some take a degree. If possible, do these things together. It will also acquire a degree or skill, and also spend time with a partner.

Give each other space
One important thing is to give your partner space. Each of us is actually living our own life. This space also comes in handy when work pressure or other busyness makes it impossible to focus on anything else. Experts say, ‘It cannot be ideal at all to leave important work and always expect the presence or company of a partner.’

Do not express your feelings
Sometimes in a marriage one may feel that the partner is not prioritizing the relationship as before. This situation can occur due to various reasons. But in many cases, even if one partner feels this way, they don’t say anything to the other to avoid trouble. Suppressing anxiety like this is harmful to mental health.

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