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Are you mentally healthy?

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Tama the only child of parents floozy Tama is always followed by a queue of young people in the campus

Tama, the only child of parents. floozy Tama is always followed by a queue of young people in the campus. Many young people forget the world by seeing your pictures day and night. Many men would give their lives for a glimpse of your smile. But do you understand that?

Yes, girls have an internal power that says they are quite good at perceiving the love hidden behind the goofy gestures, emotional craziness, and absurd feats of men in love. But the thing about you is that since childhood you have seen so much attention and falling in love with so many people that you have lost all attraction towards them. He only thinks that, as many people say, ‘Nei kaj to khai vaj,’ so I understand that those who eat and have no work, they are in love. He doesn’t understand that for Amal sir’s chemistry class, he ignored his parents’ request and went to the class even on his birthday without missing the class. He is very angry with Joy. When Jayi comes to class the next day, Tama initially doesn’t want to sit next to her, later Jayi breaks Tama’s anger by saying many sorrys. This is the only problem with you in the circle of friends. The girl does not understand anything except education. Always serious.

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But your heart is made of pure gold. The existence of Shadripura cannot be found in it. Sometimes friends wonder, ‘Does this girl have nothing to say about anger-stubbornness-jealousy?’ In most cases, Tama forgives people. You get an intense joy in forgiving people, a very satisfying thing. He thought to himself, ‘If it was me, instead of using such bad words, I would have explained how much I dislike him in simple Bengali words. Does the anger become more visible only by using bad words?’ Tama thought to herself, this is a huge gap between humans and animals. Well, let’s say, a wolf is angered, what will he do? Will bite, right? Because he does not have the knowledge to do more! Well, what is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear that someone has been bitten by a wolf? Come to think of it, the wolf is a ferocious animal, right? Now let’s talk about Johnny in our class. If anything, when Johnny gets angry and calls everyone a ‘baby of – – -‘ or a ‘po of – – -‘, what impression do we as an audience have of Johnny after hearing the incident? How when you hear the name ‘Johnny’, Tamar thinks of a ferocious hyena, the appearance of a wolf comes to mind, and when you walk down the corridor, when Johnny falls in the way, the whole corridor seems to stink. Tama then quickly went to the washroom and sprayed perfume on herself for a while. He only felt that a wild animal had passed him, smelling the surroundings.

Like ten other classmates, when Johnny falls in front of Tama, teeth are bared, collar is straightened, hair is bent, trying to speak in a sweet voice. But what happens if you try? This is where things get even more ridiculous. It seems out of place and incongruous. Much like when a foreigner comes to Bangladesh and tries to speak Bengali for the first time. Or when the man wears a shirt in Baghmama’s film. How can’t it go… Johnny starts stuttering when he talks to Tama, and Tama seems to be lost without hearing his words, and the image of a ferocious wolf, whose mouth is drooling awkwardly, appears in the mirror of Tama’s mind. The more Johnny tries to laugh and talk, the more saliva pours out of Johnny’s mouth, like a hungry-ravenous wolf.

However, falling in love like this never happens again. He devotes his time to reading as well as social reformation. He went to various seminars to explain the need for pure diction and use of beautiful language. Friends laughed at him at first, but eventually some joined his group. Some people flock to your group because – when they skip class and make love, they pass by reading your notes before the exam. Some people flock to Tama’s group, because many are the sole carers of big boys, Tama regularly picks up and drops them in their own car. Some people become your friends because, in between social services, you take everyone to the New Market and feed them curd-fuchka or biryani. Even if you don’t do it with the hope of anything or as a bribe, people take advantage of it in their own way. And Tama, a simple girl, considers it her absolute responsibility and duty to be able to do something for her friends. One day father said, ‘Do so much for your friends, do they really love you?’ Tama had no answer to that question, she never tried to find it. He is made of another metal. Unless someone attacks directly, he never wastes his time running after the chill with hearsay. Yes, compared to time or era, he runs at a very fast pace.

One evening after class, Tama along with three friends was taking a class to teach some illiterate people to read in a nearby slum. Father saw him passing by the road. The environment of the slum is not good at all. There are many unethical activities including the sale of narcotics. Returning home, father was very angry with mother.

Father: Where does the girl go these days, what does she do, do you keep any news?

Mom: He is old now, can I keep him safe now? What did you do? Are you in love with someone?

Father: Oh no! I would have survived if I had loved. I used to stay safe. If it is a suitable vessel, it doesn’t matter, even if it is not suitable, I would have made it myself. But, your daughter is a philanthropist.

Mother: Oh, so say! I was scared. Where is the fault? Our daughter is doing well.

Dad: Not all jobs suit everyone. In an environment where your daughter is doing social service, there is a regular police rate. Moreover, Tama is our girl who looks like a piece of the moon. The way drug addicts and drunkards wander around there, it is impossible to tell if you will ever be in any danger.

Mom: Then tell the driver to stay with him from now on.

Dad: Our Talpatar Sepai Mizan is very good at driving, but I don’t trust him to do anything in your danger.

Mother: So what can be done?

Dad: I think you need to get married. Moreover, the honors are also over, this time, after getting married, he will go to his in-laws’ house and do his master’s degree. Where is the problem?

Mom: OK, I will talk to her today. Come back first.

Dad: That too is a huge red flag. It’s past eight o’clock. He has not returned home yet, this is not acceptable in our normal society.

As he spoke, the door bell rang. When the mother opened the door, her daughter Tama stood in shock. An unknown young man stood next to him, holding him. Mother shuddered when she saw you. Father came running on mother’s scream. He took Tarek inside. Mom took you to her room to freshen up. Tama is still walking. Father is talking to Tarek.

Dad: Do you read with you?

Tarek: No, uncle. I used to study in city college. But I have heard a lot about you from my friends. Everyone in our college knows him.

Dad: What happened today?

Tarek: Uncle, when he was teaching in that slum, some drug addicts came in to do drugs, followed by some policemen. Then when everyone saw the police and ran away, one tripped over him, followed by two more. Tama Bechari is thus buried under some people. Then when he gets up, the boys hold him down. Thinking that the police will find out, they hold Tama’s face and make her lie down, which scares Tama.

Dad: But, how did you get there? Where is your connection with those people?

Scarborough, Canada

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