Sunday, July 21, 2024

AI has increased workplace surveillance

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Valerio De Stefano head of Canada Research at York Universitys Innovation Law and Society says that your employer giving you a smart device means that your work and productivity are being monitored in some way

Technology is tracking where you are at work and how much time you spend in the bathroom. There are programs to take random screenshots of your laptop. Monitoring your state of mind while on duty.

These are just a few of the technologies currently being used to monitor workers. This has been made possible by the explosive growth of artificial intelligence. Although the laws of Canada are not able to match it. Experts have given such a warning.

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Valerio Di Stefano, head of Canada Research at York University’s Innovation Law and Society, says that your employer putting a smart device in your hands means that your work and productivity are being monitored in some way. Electronic monitoring is a reality for most workers.

Artificial intelligence is also capable of determining whether a person is getting or keeping a job. Automated recruitment has already gained massive proportions. Almost all Fortune 500 companies in the US are using AI to recruit new employees.

AI is making independent decisions about hiring, retention and discipline, going beyond traditional monitoring, Di Stefano said. or recommending such decision to the employer.

Dia Braske, president of the Canadian Labor Congress, said monitoring workers is akin to a warehouse worker with a mini-computer in his arm. Their every move is being watched. They are building a planet. But that particular mini computer is tracking every step, every word.

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