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A small virus-carrying insect enters into the world

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A small virus carrying insect enters into the world

As much as I expected after watching the trailer, after watching the series, the expectations were somewhat less fulfilled. Science fiction with a bit of horror as well as drama. The amount of drama is high and two episodes are boring. The series is based on Japanese manga comics. One of the most popular Korean series on Netflix. Released this year.

A small virus-carrying insect enters the world. It enters the human ear and takes over the brain. Then the virus controls the brain. Ordinary people become terrifying creatures. One of the most important characters in the series is Siu Wun. Siew entered Wun’s body but could not take over his brain. So he is mutated. But he is also a creature. Fights evil creatures.

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The entire six-episode series has been released on Netflix. Meanwhile, the administration has declared war against these creatures. On the other hand these humanoid creatures have formed separate communities. These humanoid creatures look like ordinary people but can take the form of creatures. Another important character in the series is Miss Chewing Jan and Kim Cheul. Both of them are detectives, but a fierce conflict starts between them. There is a ghost in Mustard too.

Miss Chewing Jan and Kim Cheul have a villain character. It’s a matter of seeing who will be the villain in the end and who will be good. Ms. Chewing Jan’s character was enjoyable but annoying at times. The VFX of the series was good. Sound or music system was good. But the making could have been better.

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