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Scary story: I’ll be back

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Scary story Ill be back

Water monster was sleeping!

In the depths of the sea – where the palace of the ancient Harmads of thousands of years has fallen! He was engrossed in deep sleep with his eyes closed in the blackness of the deep sea to guard the precious gold coins and rare souvenirs! Suddenly the floor of Mahidhal shook. In the tons of water, he felt that someone else was coming to haunt his area! Condensing a deep pressure, continuously accumulating energy as it turns! Jaldanor wakes up! With a thousand blue crooked eyes half closed, he gazes up from the deep ocean floor. He sees that the sky is overcast far above the sea. A lone soldier’s mast sways in the drizzling rain. Waves take turns eating and making noise, Tatas Tatas Tatas!

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He remembers a distant past. The glory of Angarkhali Island, the booming of the victorious sailing ships, and the long shining spears of the fearless warriors of the black-beaten bodies, the shouts of Lu Lu and the low voices of greed, envy, pride – all he drowned in one moment, one day. Disturbing his sound sleep, the Hermades extracted precious pearls and stones. Angarkhali built high towers and artificial dams to protect the island from enemy attacks. For this, they had to extract stones indiscriminately from the bottom of the sea. As a result, the prehistoric coral reef that was built up was broken. In this vast region from the Coconut Chain to South Talpatti, the coral reefs that keep Mahisopan safe have been broken by their arbitrariness. The atoll has eroded over the decades, adversely affecting the environment.

Small coral worms and oysters came and complained to the water bodies. The sea king was blown away. He changed the tide. Instead of hot current, cold current was inserted. He was enraged by the latent fire that had been smouldering for thousands of years beneath the stony floor of Angarkhali. Summons ashes and stony coal. All three of them joined the Yajnotsav. It took decades for their sacrifice to be completed. Then, one winter’s night, when the sea is as calm as a sheet – the firebrand wakes from its hundred-year slumber. Lava erupted. It cools so quickly on contact with the cold stream that it freezes instantly. The silty lava began to accumulate under the trench walls of Angarkhali. Layer by layer, it started to pressurize the entire Shaildwip.

But the ash and shale bubbling beneath the solidified lava do not find their way out. Then a strange situation arose. The residents of the island were alerted by the gentle wind, swarms of ants with eggs in their mouths scattered across the island and wanted to cross the sea in boats of dry leaves. A group of predatory birds and mammals also warned. But who pays close attention to those simple gestures? When you can become the owner of wealth overnight by looting the wealth of others? On that day, they were intoxicated by enjoying the riches of the looted seven merchants of the Muslim neighborhood of Banshkhali near Portogrande and their countless concubines. Only in two-handed boats, who were guarding the safety of the island all the time, they saw the group of dolphins around the whole island, dressed like mekhlas, raising their faces to the sky and making a show of imminent disaster. But the group of Hermads, who have no natural knowledge to understand the significance of the matter, did not understand the significance of it! The entire upper part of Angarkhali Island suddenly burst into flames like a soft drink stirred in a cappy bottle. Their royal palaces and towering minarets rise towards the sky. Wave after wave falls on the rest of the sunken island. The entire island is submerged in a flash. Those who sought to escape by ship or two-handed schooner, had a more miserable fate. A stream of molten hot lava fell on them. Sink the sailing ship. The rest were swept away by the tsunami. On a calm winter night like a calm sea, only the sound of gentle waves floats in, tatas tatas tatas!

Today the water monster has woken up again. Since he is a formless entity, there is no difference between him waking and not waking. Yet occasionally he awakens to greater awareness. When it comes to bringing someone down or subduing them, the sea emperor becomes desperate. He does not tolerate even a mole of irregularities in his empire. He obeys the infallible laws of nature and punishes the others severely if he disobeys him. Irregularity – No matter how powerful it is, there is no escape. Even the request of a small worm is not small to him. Everyone obeys Jaldano.

He felt the warm water bubbling in the cold stream. The gap between a thousand teeth melts into his veins and the water that eats him. Jaldano now used his incorporeal wings to draw all the power of the ocean into every layer of his muscles. Thickened. And he created another water vortex in his area. Gradually it became concentrated in the borders of his empire. Gradually he moved closer to the newly manifested vortex – which wanted to penetrate his long-held empire. He alone is the sharer of this ocean and all its resources. He likes the innocent walk of people and other animals! But never condone the tyranny of anyone. Don’t give today. Jaldano mobilized all his strength and prepared to resist the alien vortex – spread the vortex all over the Bay of Bengal!

Aly and Bakhtiyar fell into the salt water of the dark sea as if drowning in ink. Big waves are pushing them deeper into the sea. They feel the water temperature is slightly higher than last time in the oceanometer. But as the depth increases the temperature gradually decreases. With Bakhtiyar, there is a fish net as an additional problem. He has to be dragged down to the bottom of the sea by tying the fine net to where Harmad’s Ratmapuri is. They already got the exact location from GPS readings. By the light of the overhead torch you can see the ongoing life of the sea. Day and night are the same in the deep sea. Fishes of various sizes and other sea creatures scurry away from each other, annoyed by the light of their torches. Only the group of horsefish is brazenly coming forward. Aly feels love for Bakhtiyar.

The poor man agreed to take such a challenge at his word of mouth. If they fail – he has to take all the responsibility. Maybe you will lose your job. But still, thinking of Ellie’s happiness, she accompanies him through this miserable night. Greed? Bakhtiyar has no greed. People are willing to take risks just to value love – to put a smile on the face of the person they love. Just what? People become desperate to make dreams come true with loved ones. How many sacrifices people make even for a cup of tea with a loved one sitting on a wicker chair and a blue window curtain. Bakhtiyar has no such dreams. His village house has a single-storey tinshed house. He once talked about the joy of falling asleep listening to the rain in that room. Does Ellie want to listen to the rain with him?

– Yes, thats why I leave the life of Vancouver and came to this country!

Bakhtiar pointed out. Allie approached. In the light of the torch, he saw the ruined palace of Ratnapuri. He got up with thorns on his body. This is where they met Raisuddin! What kind of feeling is he having? But Bakhtiar should not be allowed to understand that. Then maybe he will go back with him now. You can finish the job better than that.

Bakhtiyar is pushing the net sack in front. Behind, a long line came down from Pransajni’s stroller. Thin line rolled on a fat roller is strong and resilient – no fear of snapping easily. They open the line with a light pull. Ellie is swimming around Bakhtiyar’s body. Suddenly something like a shadow moved from the front. Bakhtiyar threw the light of the torch there. Only saw a muddy mud stirring. Maybe a lurking octopus was disturbed by their arrival.

But what is the shadow? Ellie’s mind is racing. They stopped at the threshold of the ruined palace. Dark room inside. As soulless as a disembodied soul. Everything looks brighter today as seen that day. It seems that the copper sheets covering the walls have been rubbed and given a new shape. The entire wall is full of strange images and symbols. His reading is very interesting. Ellie walked over to the wall. The torch fell from near. A few people are gathered in an open space looking up. A box-shaped key seems to be flying above them. Everyone is looking. What does this mean? Kite or not? Look at the box. A face protrudes from the inside. Doom! Aircraft during that period? How is this possible? Bakhtiyar was about to touch the wall. It’s getting late. He said in sign language.

They came to the lion door. While entering inside, they played a knock. The entire lion door is in Ratna Rashi. The entrance is almost closed. They don’t need to go inside. But who brought them from the inside? They were worried. Bakhtiyar pointed out that they should now be filled with fish sauce. Allie agreed. But the task is not so easy. They don’t even have any equipment to move them. At least a shovel would have worked. The alternative is now only one: to fill the net with the gems one by one. But it will definitely take a few hours. They don’t have that much time. Bakhtiyar untied the fish net. Then the two covered the jewels of a part of the door with it. Now went to the other side and began to push the pile of gems as hard as possible.

Stacks of gems and gold coins collapsed and began to accumulate inside Mihizal. Ellie on the other hand provided support so that the gems did not spill out. They took turns doing the work. Sometimes Alli pushes, Bakhtiar manages the net, sometimes vice versa. The oxygen that is now in the cylinder can be used to rise up somehow. Aly gave chase, showing the oxygen meter to Bakhtiar. He agreed. Pull the rope and tie the two ends of the fish net. It took the shape of a sack with a closed mouth. The size is estimated to be at least two tons.

It will not be possible for them to pull such a heavy bag. But there is at least twice as much left. It is really difficult for both of them to collect so much wealth. If you can lift up what is filled, it will be a work. They are ready to go up. They decided to hold the line of the stroller. Allie started to climb the line behind Bakhtiyar. After going half way, he noticed that someone was pulling the line from above. Looking down, he saw the fish net laden with jewels rising taut and hanging on the line. Bakhtiyar stopped. He turned to Allie. Pointed upwards – danger!

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