Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Criticism of delay in bringing back relatives trapped in Gaza and Sudan

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NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan told reporters on Parliament Hill on May 22 that the governments special immigration measures did not protect anyone

Steps were taken months ago to safely bring back relatives of Canadians from war-torn Sudan and Gaza. But the NDP blamed the federal government for the chaotic move.

NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan told reporters on Parliament Hill on May 22 that no one has been made safe by the government’s special immigration measures. This is perhaps the most urgent situation before us, requiring government action.

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He was speaking with three Canadians who had relatives stranded abroad. Each spent tens of thousands of dollars to bring those family members to Canada. All were hoping to sponsor their relatives through special emergency programs, so they could support their family members once they arrived in Canada.

Immigration Minister Mark Miller’s office had no immediate comment on the criticism.

The civil war in Sudan started last spring. Officials have yet to say whether the relatives will be able to reach Canada until later this year. Inam Mohammadian, of Sudanese origin, said it was difficult to see her relatives fleeing to Ethiopia because of the violence. There is also violence in Ethiopia.

Officials told him that the delay was due to lack of equipment needed for fingerprinting and other biometrics. But why not take his family and others to where these tools are? He asked this question.

He said, the government has left us behind. In 2019, all governments stood up and said Black Lives Matter. But in this crisis, it seems to us that black lives are no longer a consideration.

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