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Food and Drink

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Arrangements for eating and drinking are arranged to go for a walk

Arrangements for eating and drinking are arranged to go for a walk. Kaziri has no desire to travel with Fuad. Fuad hesitated a little and said, ‘Are you asking people like us who climbed the mountain to celebrate at home? You think as lazy as yourself, our queen of sleep is the queen of crows.’

Before Kaziri could say anything angrily, Fuad shouted again, ‘If you blow your nose again, I will make that stupid nose even more stupid. Come quietly with us.’

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Kajari will not go any further after that. He sat stubbornly. Will definitely go back. Don’t go outside this winter. Even if I had a little desire, I could have stayed, but after these words, not anymore. I didn’t even get time to express my thoughts. Before that, Fuad ruled for the third time and said,

‘No one asked you whether you would go or not. Don’t spoil everyone else’s fun for yourself.’

Kaziri did not want to say anything else. He forgot that Fuad’s stubbornness, anger, and sadness are of no use to him. But Kibria said in surprise, ‘Kazri didn’t say anything. Then you understand how you can say this now?’

Kaziri was shocked by Kibria’s words. The word shook my mind. Kajari didn’t really say anything. So Fuad can wear his mouth language? Just like Kanta!

Fuad looked at Kazri with sharp eyes and said, ‘It is understandable what a stupid person like him will say. You also understood. I said it and you didn’t say it. The difference is here.’

Kaziri’s bright face went silent like a balloon. What would not have happened if you didn’t say that? Always be on the move!

Kaziri had to go, be it unwillingly or willingly. But if you didn’t go, you would have missed the beautiful place a lot. Although there are countless experiences of traveling during the day, there is no experience of traveling at night. Kajari fell in love with the city illuminated by artificial light instead of natural light and the game of light receptacles.

The park is not that big. There are not many people in the park for the night. It was too hot to walk. Besides, if you press the sheet on the jacket, you will feel hot. Kajari is really sweaty. Who knew it would not be so cold like other days.

There was talk of eating ice cream even in winter. Even in summer, Kazari does not eat ice cream that much And now it’s winter! When talking about ice cream, Kazari’s body started shivering! On the left! People’s hobbies also have no fixed address.

Everyone sat around the leaf table to take ice cream from the ice cream parlor in the park. Then they started talking among themselves. But how did Trina feel? How many birthday plans did he have with Michelle. Michelle had tried to contact him several times since morning. He came and stood under his house at night. But Trina’s heart did not melt.

After listening to the words, Kajari was very confused and took a small bite of the ice cream and said like a wise man, ‘Michel Biya must love you. I am one hundred percent sure.’

Animesh asked with great interest, ‘How are you so sure?’

‘You can see it with your eyes. Michelle Bhaiya Trina gets shiny with happiness when she sees Apu. Again, how the posture changes. Maybe because of nervousness.’

Fuad said with sharp eyes, ‘Have you seen Michelle in real life or not?’

I saw it in pictures and videos. Trina Apu and Michelle Biya is sweet together!

Hridita joked, ‘Are you doing a PhD in love?’

Kajari laughed at Hridita’s words and said, ‘Oh no. I can already understand these things. So far nothing has failed me. Guaranteed.’

Kibria said very confused, ‘But we saw that day in the restaurant holding the hand of another girl.’

Kajari said, ‘One does not become someone’s girlfriend just by holding hands. Maybe there is another story inside that is unknown to everyone.’

Animesh shook his head and said, ‘Perhaps we should talk to that mixer. There is a lot of logic in Kaziri’s words. Hey Trina, call that mixer of yours. Let’s see what he says.’

Trina also looked quite confused. I was in a dilemma whether to call or not. But Animesh quickly called Michelle. Perhaps this one sentence was waiting for so long.

Trina’s eyes started to sparkle with happiness Don’t forget to share the happy things with your friends.

The girl he met that day was Michelle’s cousin. After a few days he will have a very big operation. I was very scared. Michelle is a psychiatrist by profession. So he was brought out to support him in a human way. And he explained while sitting in the restaurant. That is what they saw that day and Trina misunderstands and cuts off all communication.

Everyone, including Trina, is very ashamed of such behavior in the past few days They understood very well that seeing with their own eyes is not always right. Unfortunately Michelle could have been invited here but that was not possible. Because here they have come for a very important task. It needs to be completed first.

As soon as the ice cream was almost over, Fuad asked Animesh to buy tickets for Nagordola and asked everyone to leave. Kajri’s ice cream is not finished yet. Fuad wanted to throw some ice cream in the dustbin. Like the whole day, Fuad was sitting next to Kazri. So Kajari was not allowed to get up. As the others left, Fuad grabbed Kazari’s wrist and turned towards him. He said in a charming tone, ‘Kajri look at me?’

Kajari was quite full. Fuad is new with such tone. Bhithu looked at Fuad. Eyes and face turned pale with fear. Fuad said again, ‘Can you see anything in my eyes?’

Kaziri quickly averted her eyes. He bowed his head and shook his head. Fouad angrily gripped Kazari’s hand harder. “Then what is the use of being a love expert when you don’t understand your own love?” he said angrily.

Kaziri looked at Fuad in shock. By that time Fuar let go of Kajri’s hand. Rege ran his fingers through his hair a few times and looked at Kajiri. He mumbled something and left. Kajari ate Vabacheka without understanding anything. What does it have to do with being a love expert!

He was so shocked that he forgot to get up. Trina and Hridita come and take Kajari. He went to Nagordola and saw that there was no one else around except them. That is, they will rise here alone. The beauty of the place is doubled and tripled by the artificial colored lights lit around with small twinkling lights. Kajari decided to come with Kanta another day. It is not possible to taste such a place with them.

Nagordola is not too big. There are five to six swings. While rising Kibria and Animesh were seen climbing on a swing. Leaving the second swing empty, Fuad sat down on the next swing, immediately after Kazari got up. Kajari widened her eyes and said, ‘Will you go up with me?’

‘Yes, don’t get up or not?’

You can’t talk on the back of such words. So he said, ‘No, you sit on it. I am sitting in the other one.’

When he finished speaking, Fuar grabbed Kajri’s kajhi. Kajari went to bed and ate He swallowed and sat in his place. Although Anash did not understand the gesture, this hot-eyed Sha’sani Kaziri understood it very well.

Hridita and Trina got up after leaving the swing empty. Kajari looked helplessly at everyone and looked down. Fuad sitting opposite is looking at Kaziri with one look. Kaziri is getting more nervous after realizing this. He managed himself by looking outside. Kaziri gasped as soon as the city began to move. And there is little time Then it will go down.

Their swing got stuck on top of everyone. There is no movement before or after. Kaziri sat stiffly. The humming sound is clear in his ears. How restless do you feel? Their opinion does not seem convenient to him at all.

In the silence, the sound of Fuad’s voice rang in Qaziri’s ears As soon as he raised his eyes, Fuad said, ‘Kazri, I think, I am in love with you.’

Kajri vabacheka ate, ‘Ah!’

Fuad got up and said, ‘What, answer me.’

Kazari was shocked He started stuttering more and more. He said with a trembling voice, ‘What should I say?’

Fuad said with sharp eyes, ‘I proposed you, answer that.’

Kazari’s throat became dry with nervousness. He swallowed and said, ‘Did you propose?’

Fuad frowned and said, ‘Don’t you understand?’

Kajiri shook his head vigorously. Matter is getting massively blocked from entering the brain. Fuad exhaled loudly. Then he said, ‘Speaking directly then Kajari, will you be my girlfriend?’

Kajari was surprised and shouted with wide eyes, ‘Kih!’

Kajri’s head started working. So realizing that the small scream sounded like a small thunderclap.

Fuer glared at Kajiri. The girl did not understand anything. What is the use of burning so much wood for so long! Fuad was very angry. Ragi said in an angry voice, ‘I gave you two minutes. Will answer in two minutes. And of course I want a positive answer. I did not propose not to listen.’

Someone proposes with such threats and threats, Kaziri would not have known if he was not in today’s situation. By proposing, it cannot be rejected. What does this mean? If it can not be rejected, what’s the point of waiting for an answer! Amazing psychology!

Animesh shouted from the swing below, ‘Sister, answer quickly. I need to go to number two urgently. And the devil in front of you has contacted the owner. Nagordola will not move an inch until you answer.’
Everyone laughed at Animesh’s words, but Kazari got fuller. Be it from nervousness or fear, Kajari’s eyes began to twitch. Fuad did not soften even after seeing the sly eyes. On the other hand, Kazari was startled and pulled her right hand to herself. He took out the bracelet from his pant pocket and put it on Kajari’s hand.

‘Yes, I wanted to hear sensible words, I didn’t want to see tears. Since I didn’t want to hear no, waiting to hear yes was probably foolish. Anyway, I gave it as a new relationship gift. Congratulations Queen of Crows.’

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