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The first lesson in the life of a brave teenager

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The first lesson in the life of a brave teenager

It is monsoon time. full monsoon There is water all around. Maternal Uncle’s yard is submerged in water. Alone in bill and pond water. cannot be distinguished separately. Dinghy boats are arriving on the paved steps of the house. The huge bill is submerged in water. When the wind blows, waves rise in that water. Big waves like the ocean. The chest trembled when he saw that wave.

Poush paddy has been harvested a few days ago. All full of tides. The tidal water has overflowed from both sides of the river and entered the countryside. This is how the rainy season will go. Then the water will go down with the tide. Later there will be mud stains. Not only the boat but also a small vehicle for traveling in the countryside is Taler Dinghi. Taal has a trick to carrying a dinghy. If you can’t keep balance, you will fall into the water. How many times have I fallen into the water myself?

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I could sail well. The people of the village were surprised. they said that the city boy has learnt how to drive a boat better! Mother used to say, hey Jasim, do you drive a boat in the canal! No my boy, you will drown. what will be then! I used to say to mom, mom, you don’t know how well I know how to swim. Even village boys cannot swim with me.

Still, if I get into the swimming pool, many people will not be able to get along with me. I learned how to handle the boat upstream or in waves. Not only Baithai, but also by logging, the boat has to be flown. Sit in more water and logi in less water. Logi is big bamboo. It has to be pushed and driven.

The boat moves forward in full water. The trees on both sides swayed. Sometimes snakes run away at the sound of water. We used to go anywhere by boat in groups. Once I wanted to be a sailor. I told my mother that I will be a sailor. Mother was very surprised to hear these words.

I was eight or nine years old then. On a rainy day like that, I went to Kalsakathi Market with my uncle. Markets are held two days a week in villages. Tuesday and Saturday. Kalaskathi market is the famous market of this region. Kalaskathi is a town under Bakarganj. That happened in the year before the war. During the war of liberation, Pak soldiers carried out many massacres in Kalsakathi. The area was dominated by Hindus. Kama was famous for Kumaras. Many houses were burnt at that time. I saw that scene myself.

It takes about two and a half hours by boat to go from Dhaparkathi to Kalaskathi market. It was a pleasure to go with the younger uncle. Mama used to buy lathi lozenges. I used to eat Ghol Muri, Moa, Matha, Rasgolla. My uncle used to buy toys. We returned home late at night from the market that day. Village evening means deep night. The cup is extinguished by the team team of kerosene. After reaching home, uncle saw a small plastic toy in my hand. Uncle said, where did you get it! I cried and said I am bringing it from the store. I don’t know what uncle understood. It was a market on Saturday. My uncle took me to the next market. He went to that shop and paid the price of the toy. He said the little man didn’t understand.. That incident taught me a lot. I have remembered it all my life…

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