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Why do the eyelids tremble?

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There are scientific reasons for eyelid twitching Basically it can be due to various problems in our body

There are many superstitions about eyelid twitching or jumping in our country. Many people think that eyelid twitching is a sign of illness or danger. None of this is true though. There are scientific reasons for eyelid twitching. Basically it can be due to various problems in our body. Let’s know the details-

1. Due to stress
Our eyelids can also twitch due to stress. Stress is not uncommon due to daily problems. Various physical problems can arise from there. Eyelid twitching or twitching can be a sign of stress.

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2. Lack of sleep
Seven-eight hours of sleep every day is essential to stay healthy. Many people do not get the necessary sleep due to busy schedule. Due to which there is lack of sleep. Experts say, due to this, the eyelids can jump due to fatigue. That’s why moderate sleep is needed. This will cure the problem of eyelids.

3. Due to eye problems
It can also be caused by eye problems. If there is a visual problem, it puts pressure on the eyes. For example, looking at the TV, computer, or phone screen for a long time can affect vision. So limit such habits to avoid the problem of eyelid twitching.

4. Consuming excess caffeine and alcohol
Some have a habit of consuming excess caffeine or alcohol. This can also cause the eyelids to twitch. Experts say that excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol can lead to myokomia. So it is better to avoid such practices.

5. Nutritional imbalances
Proper nutrition is essential for our body. Many times if there is no nutritional balance in the body, it can cause eyes to jump. This problem can occur especially if someone is deficient in magnesium. So make it a habit to eat nutritious food every day to avoid such problems and also to stay healthy overall.

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