Sunday, July 21, 2024

Mountie Union Pushes for Increased Cadet Training Allowance

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Currently cadets receive $525 per week and basic necessities covered but havent seen a raise since 2008

The National Police Federation, representing rank-and-file Mounties, is asking the government for $24 million annually to increase the RCMP cadet training allowance. They argue this is crucial to attract qualified recruits and remain competitive with other police forces.

Currently, cadets receive $525 per week and basic necessities covered, but haven’t seen a raise since 2008. This amount falls below minimum wage in most provinces, straining cadets with existing financial commitments like mortgages and loans.

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Unlike most provincial and municipal police recruits who are employees from day one, RCMP cadets only become official members after their 26-week training, leaving them without formal bargaining power.

The union stresses the demanding nature of RCMP training, both mentally and physically, arguing that financial worries shouldn’t add to the burden. They also aim to match compensation offered by other police forces to attract top talent.

The RCMP welcomes the proposal and is in talks with the union to explore options for “competitive and meaningful” compensation.

The union reports positive feedback from various MPs and senators, suggesting potential political backing for the initiative.

Overall, the news highlights the ongoing debate about RCMP cadet compensation and its impact on recruitment and officer well-being. The government’s response to the union’s request will be crucial in shaping the future of the RCMP training program.

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