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When I moved to Toronto

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After leaving Ottawa at five in the morning and reaching Toronto at half past nine he directly sat me in the dining room and fried four parotas two poached eggs chicken gila and mung beans in front of me

I went to my friend’s house and saw a brand new blue-black Wrangler 4xe Rubicon Jeep in front of his house instead of a luxury Cadillac EV SUV. Climbing Mount Everest on this jeep is no problem. Ya fat tires, that strong body. The floor of the vehicle is at least two feet off the ground. Getting up wearing a sari or a lungi is definitely disgraceful.

Called me and told me to take two days off. I moved to Toronto with Mon-Tues off with Sat-Sun. He never exaggerates; His adventures are adventures, no mincing words. I didn’t ask in advance, although I was bursting with curiosity. When the time is right he will say; Before that, even if the stomach kicks, a sound will not come out. God forbid, if the terrorists put a revolver on his head and ask for his credit card pin number? Thinking about my body with thorns!

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After leaving Ottawa at five in the morning and reaching Toronto at half past nine, he directly sat me in the dining room and fried four parotas, two poached eggs, chicken gila and mung beans in front of me. When I finished eating, he cut a bowl of local mangoes and said – don’t give me tea now. It’s getting hot.
– Okay
– You wake up very early in the morning, now you sleep for four hours without doing anything
– Okay
– Rasgolla kha jholshudh, you will sleep better – he opened the fridge and brought three swan egg size rasgolla in a bowl of broth and put it in front of him.

Surely there is a purpose behind loving my son-in-law? He turned up the AC and lowered the room temperature to twelve degrees and sent me to the guest room with blankets under his arm. I really fell asleep under the spell of Rasgolla. I got up at exactly three in the afternoon. Who knows if something was mixed!

We had lunch with naan roti, shees kabab and butter chicken from Newaz restaurant around noon and started loading the luggage in the car around 4 pm. My eyes widened when I saw him carrying a huge rifle into the car. Mounted long telescope. Definite sniper rifle. I started shaking with fear. It’s a pretty solid stand to stand on. This thing fits well in the hands of bin Laden or Saddam. Tie it tightly to the back of the jeep so that it does not fall into the dust.

And seeing Chishti, my wisdom is lost!
He got into the jeep naked, wearing shorts and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses worth three hundred dollars. With expensive sneakers. Cuban chain hanging around the neck. Very stylist rich Black Americans or Sri Lankan Gattagotta mustachioed Tamil Tiger rich businessmen wear them around their necks. That fat and heavy, at least three hundred grams will be! If one hundred grams cost eight thousand dollars, three hundred grams cost at least twenty four thousand dollars. And the making charge is there. Eighteen-nineteen lakhs in Bangladeshi taka! He has a few. There is a sense of ‘Tom Trudge Tom Trudge’ in him. If only it was six inches longer.

Now I looked at my dress. Shoes, clothes, glasses, pants; What will be eighty-ninety dollars in total? The glasses are cheaply made from Bangladesh. second hand clothes; Purchased from Value Village. When a sigh came out without knowing it..

We grabbed a big ice box full of drinks, a watermelon and some sandwiches. Sitting up, he asked – what’s in your bag? Food?
– Huh
– Didn’t I tell you not to go to the trouble of buying food? I’ve had enough
– Where are we going?
– In a farm
– What to do with a friend?
– When you go, you will understand, there is nothing to stress about. I am not going to kill people anymore.
He stopped at Tim Hortons by himself and took a pile of food and coffee for me and said – I’ll tell you when I need the bathroom. not far Heading to Peterborough, more than a hundred kilos. I will return tomorrow morning.

After two hours of driving on unpaved roads, we reached a chicken farm. Entering a small wooden office there, Chishti chatted for a while and came out with a paper in her hand.

About a kilometer away from there, I went to another place, a dilapidated, abandoned farm for many years. Suffering from the smell of rot; Choked and started vomiting. I would never come here if I knew before!

We walked through the muddy surroundings in rain boots. It must be at least one and a half hundred feet long. The roof is the same. Eighty-ninety feet wide. He selected a place and said, this is our night spot, the operation will continue from here. If you smell too much, wear a mask
– Dude, are they chicken poop?
– Huh. I brought it from the farm I came from and dropped it here. Later it is mixed with soil and sold as fertilizer
– What is the function of the gun?
– I said no, I can see everything after two hours. Are you afraid?
– Huh
– Damn fool. A gun became a thing to shoot. Do you cut with a knife in the kitchen?
– do
– People die more easily with knives. Put a bag in the stomach, diameter of the castle. There is no way to survive. When the Japanese get too frustrated, they put themselves on their stomachs. This is called Harakiri. But the debt of the servant must be perfect, so that Algos enters. A sword is better. But if you don’t shoot in the right place with the gun, you won’t die. Knives are more dangerous. Having a knife in the house is a thousand times more dangerous than having a gun.

I said to myself, the fame of your logic. I’m already scared, you’re putting in the tension of Harakiri again.

Darkness is falling all around. We took the car a little further and sat inside. He smeared a special kind of oil from a bottle and said – Butter is good. I can’t stand mosquitoes.
Then he put on a thick pair of binocular-sized special glasses. He also gave me one and said, give it to the eyes. See later what a joke, all pale! Even in this dark darkness everything is as clear as daylight. But not colored, black and white.

Suddenly Chishti got excited and tapped me and whispered, Ripon! Look carefully, what they are coming out!
I looked and saw swarms of rats coming out of the mud mounds. My body started shaking. I have never felt such fear in my life. There are also two coyotes. They are a special type of fox. very violent

We sat quietly in the back of the car to get the tools. He removed the cover of the rifle, put his eyes on the telelens, said Bismillah and pressed the trigger for a few seconds with a loud thud. His aim is perfect. There was no miss, the rats started to die with the speed of the storm. He killed about a hundred bats in a couple of hours. Then in the next four hours, three hundred more! After killing about 400 rats, he started the car and put it a little further away and said, let’s eat something.

Washed away and started to say – it’s an air rifle, but quite powerful, point 22 caliber. There is news if you can kill people. Nothing happens, but quite injured.

I find his babbling intolerable. Well, why is he so interested in killing people? Being with him is risky!

The red bull drinks and sandwiches he gave me didn’t work. Take out the tiffin carrier and smell the khichdi and see it is ok. Ginni was tied up in the early morning, along with fried eggs and jhal. I also gave it to Chishti. He was very happy and said, I knew that something would bind you. Ripon
– Huh
– I feel sorry for you.

Any word from him seems unbearable now. Did you get anything else to kill? You are coming so far to hit the umbrella! People go on adventures and kill tigers and bears; And you kill the rat! It’s three o’clock in the morning. I said, friend and Marbi?
– No, die. A seven-hour contract
– Go home?
– A little more work left. do it in the morning
We slept with the car window up. Thousands of mosquitoes and hundreds of flies. There is a bad smell.

He called me early in the morning and said – Ripon, do a job; Wear gloves, hold this tongs and that bucket. Pick up the mice and put them in the bucket. My hand hurts so much to shoot..
– What to do with mice?
– The gentleman also has a pig farm, I will bring it there. Pigs will eat. Nothing will be wasted. Rats have many diseases, take care.

I started to fill the bucket by picking up the rats one by one. The size of rats. Some have their heads blown off, some are injured and still moving, most are silent. God knows whether I will die of the plague in the end!

When the mouse was picked up, it started saying – Ripon, next time will be easier. I will kill big things. You don’t even have to lift it, they will bulldoze it. It will be an adventure like telling people!
– Okay
– You don’t seem to be planning to come! – said with such a smile, I simply could not take it. His smile means he is reading my mind magazine.
very uncomfortable
Well, what is it about the man that my subconscious mind takes so positively? I can’t come. Once I appeared with one hundred and two fevers.

It is also very nice to go to unusual work with a friend. The man is not as much as he seems to be a woodpecker. We made fourteen hundred dollars in seven hours working hourly. Hourly makes two hundred. Chishti hands me an envelope and says she actually came to enjoy, not for money. Who knows how much is in the envelope! It felt like opening in front of him.

We continue in awe through the vast green fields of crops. I ran past the cow and cow farm towards a woodworking mechanical town.

Ottawa, Canada

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