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What are the harms of holding urine for a long time

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This practice is not good at all This increases the risk of urinary tract infections

Many people have a habit of holding urine. This practice is not good at all. This increases the risk of urinary tract infections. Some of the bacteria present in the urinary tract are passed out of the body through urine. If urine is retained in the bladder for a long time, bacteria multiply rapidly, leading to various types of infections. Not only that, this habit can cause various other problems in the body. Find out what they are.

Holding urine for a long time can lead to kidney stones. If you do not urinate for a long time, the waste materials cannot leave the body through urine, they start accumulating inside the body. Accumulation of waste material inside the kidney becomes difficult. Kidney stones can cause serious problems such as pain, infection or bleeding. If the stones are too large, surgery may be required to remove them.

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Holding urine for too long can cause the bladder to stretch and weaken. Normally the bladder expands when it is full and contracts again when passing urine. When the bladder is unable to return to its original shape due to continuous retention of urine, it increases in size.

Holding urine for a long time weakens the pelvic floor muscles. As a result, there is a problem with urine retention in the future. During sneezing, coughing, some urine may come out unknowingly. The urge to urinate also increases.

There is also a risk of bladder rupture if you hold urine for a long time. So drinking enough water is important to keep the kidneys healthy, as well as urinating on time.

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