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Mistakes that increase the pain of migraine

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Sometimes the left side of the head or the back of the head can hurt

Many people often suffer from headaches. Sometimes the left side of the head or the back of the head can hurt. A major cause of headache is migraine. But this is no ordinary headache.

The idea that migraine pain worsens without medication or proper precautions is wrong. Rather, depending on our daily habits, the incidence of this pain will increase or not. You are not causing a migraine by any mistake? Know that certain habits increase the risk of migraine.

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• At least 7 to 8 hours should be allotted for sleep. If you can’t sleep at least 6 hours. If you wake up day after night, sleep less, but migraine pain will increase.

• Avoid foods that contain sugar. Migraines can also increase when blood sugar levels rise.

• Eat something healthy at regular intervals. If you don’t eat for a long time, gastric irritation starts. There is no pair of gastric to pull the migraine. So stomach should not be kept empty to avoid gastric problem.

• Continuous sitting in front of the computer will increase the problem of migraine. Put a little water in the eyes and mouth in between work, get up from the seat and walk around a bit.

• Dehydration already occurs on hot days. This dehydration problem can also lead to migraines. So keep water with you when you go out. Apart from water, you can have different types of drinks like canned water, fresh fruit juice.

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