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Various chapters of life

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Every persons life is built in different chapters He wants to build the chapters of his life in his own thoughts

Every person’s life is built in different chapters. He wants to build the chapters of his life in his own thoughts. But are his thoughts always implemented? No, but it doesn’t happen all the time. That’s why time doesn’t stop. He jumps to another chapter.

Like all people in my life, I had various thoughts, thoughts, plans for various chapters, but did it go well? No, like most people, not all of my plans came to fruition. So life has stopped or not. Life moves at the speed of life.

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I have always thought that there will be a time in my life when my busy life will be less. Then I will reduce unnecessary holidays outside. I will go on my own. The chapter that will be my reading books, writing, watching good movies on Netflix from time to time, listening to my favorite songs over and over again. I will try to keep my mind happy by talking to my dear friends. Ananyas also need behavior to keep the mind healthy. I will stay thousands of miles away from people who make me sad.

But now I have stepped into my planned chapter. I will be there for myself. When I want to do something good, I will do it. I will not spare any time to think about who said what, who thought what. It’s time for me to think about myself. Moreover, I am neither old nor time to accept someone’s knowledge or advice. Moreover, I am highly allergic to knowledge givers.

I have done many things in life, now I want to wrap myself in myself. For me, I want to keep myself alive. I read the book that I said. I will spend my life happily by writing, listening to music, watching movies.

But sometimes my mind or body causes disruption. The conflict between mind and body continues. The mind is good but the body declares rebellion. Again, if the body is good, the mind is full of cheeks. The day when the conflict between mind and body is resolved, my desired chapter is fulfilled.

23rd September 2023

Toronto, Canada.

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