Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Canada’s government announces measures to prevent foreign interference in the Calgary Heritage by-election.

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The Government of Canada continues to strengthen and protect our democracy from threats posed by foreign interference

Our democracy is being strengthened and safeguarded from threats posed by foreign interference by the Canadian government.

The Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure, and Communities, the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, made the announcement today that the Calgary Heritage electoral district by-election, which will take place on July 24, 2023, will be subject to the safeguards put in place to safeguard the four by-elections from potential foreign interference.

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In light of the possibility of new and evolving threats, these measures are constantly evaluated.

The Security and Insight Dangers to Races (SITE) Team will give improved observing and evaluating of unfamiliar obstruction dangers during the by-political decision period. The Deputy Minister Committee on Intelligence Response, which is tasked with protecting Canada’s democratic institutions from foreign interference and briefing and advising ministers, will receive these evaluations.

In the event that engagement proves necessary during the by-election period, lines of communication have been established with designated party representatives.

The Task Force’s evaluation of any attempts at foreign interference discovered during the by-elections will be included in both the classified and unclassified reports that SITE will produce. The Prime Minister, relevant ministers, the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians, and identified representatives of the parties with appropriate security clearances will have access to the classified report.

Our commitment to inform Canadians about foreign interference in Canada is reflected in these measures. The Government of Canada continues to uphold Canadians’ confidence in our institutions and defend Canada’s democracy against interference, building on the Plan to Protect Canada’s Democracy.

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