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US-Canada sanctions against Lebanon’s former governor Riad Salameh

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Riad Salameh || Photographer Joseph EidAFPGetty Images

The United States, the United Kingdom and Canada have imposed sanctions on Riyad Salameh, the former governor of the central bank of Lebanon, a Middle Eastern country plagued by economic crisis. His son and other associates are also named in the ban on corruption charges.

Three countries announced the ban on Thursday. It is said that Salameh has played a role in breaking the rule of law in Lebanon through corrupt activities. He and his associates profited through abuse of power and corruption.

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In a statement, the US Department of the Treasury said Salameh abused his power, possibly in violation of Lebanese law, by funneling millions of dollars through multiple shell companies to invest in European real estate to benefit himself and his associates.

In addition to ex-governor Riyad Salameh, his brother Raja Salameh and his former aide Marian Hoque are also banned. Washington and London also imposed sanctions against a woman named Anna Kosakova. Riyad Salameh has a child in this woman’s womb. The US has also imposed sanctions on Riyad Salameh’s son, Nadi Salameh.

As part of the sanctions, these countries will be able to seize the assets of Riyad Salameh and his associates. Also, they cannot do business with any US citizen or business entity.

However, Riyad Salameh has denied the allegations of corruption against him. He said, he will challenge this ban of three countries.

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