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Shipun Akhtar Shipu’s first novel

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Shipun Akhtar Shipus first novel

I was waiting for my friend Shipun Akhtar Shipu’s first novel ‘Gahine Talash’, a collection of 115 friends of RSSC 90, ‘9 Zhunner Prayas-3’. Finally the two books are adorning the stall no. 363 of Nri Prakashan.

Shipun Book Fair has been with my second book of poetry ‘Bookpockete Chabi’ since its inception. I am not in the fair but my friend is representing me all the time. Handing my book to the reader with care.

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Shipu’s first novel ‘Gahine Talash’ was supposed to come to the book fair a long time ago. But due to mechanical problems in the publication, the book saw the light of day after some time. It is very difficult to go to a book fair and not see your book and wait with eager anticipation. My friend is so generous that he put his troubles aside and worked for me with a smile. For other writer friends. For our ‘9 Zero Attempt-3’ Compilation.

Shipun Akhtar is a poet and fiction writer. The names Shipun and Shimul are very close. Similarly, our likes and dislikes are also very close. The cover of my book as done by my son Ishtiaq. Also the very beautiful cover of his book is drawn by his son Fayaz Saqib. I hope the readers will pick up the two books with beautiful covers.

Not to mention 9 zero tries-3. Our friends of SSC 90 are spread from this end of the world to the other. Many of them involved themselves with writing. Like the last 2 years, the collection of 9 zero attempts-3 has been published with stories and poems written by 115 friends.

It was a pleasure to work with writer friends Hasan Moni, Shipun Akhtar Shipu, Faizus Saleheen, Prabhat Ahmed and Tapas Goswami on the book from start to finish. I hope my dear reader will read the collection of friends’ writings ‘9 Zero’s Attempt-3’, Shipun Akhtar’s novel ‘Gahine Talash’ and my 2nd book of poetry ‘Book Pockete Chabi’.

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