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For quite some time, I have been thinking about the punishment of sins. A point system would be better in this case. I read in a book by a teenage writer that if you greet someone first, you get twenty good deeds. But I didn’t find any good pass and good A plus anywhere else. I did not know anywhere about the good points of any subject other than salam.

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If you knew, you could have collected the air miles and paid the Pulsirat in the business class, right?

After growing up I realized that things are not as simple as GPA in SSC exam. Very complex and mostly mysterious. Just as there are simple simple numbers, there are also incredibly complex problems like square root and Fibenacci series.

Consider, King Charles of England, all he had to do to become king of such a vast empire was to be born into the British royal family. If he had spent his life lying on his drawing room sofa like a small decorative pillow doing nothing, he would still be a king. On the other hand, think of the elected prime minister of any democratic country. How much wood and straw he has to burn to keep the position right. Antel brothers, please bring technicalities and corruption here again. This is definitely not a political piece.

Now, as people or in the classification of success, Charles and the Prime Minister are both high, but who can claim more credit in your eyes? I think of the Prime Minister who had to come through the test.

Similarly, some people have no idea about many sins. That’s why he doesn’t commit those sins. On the other hand, there are many people who know about sin, know how to do it, know what benefits it will bring, maybe even want to do it, but keep their repu under control and they go on the right path. If I want to evaluate as a human being, then I prefer people controlled by Warbihl more than people confined in boxes without knowledge.

Sometimes, however, envy arises for people without ideas. They are free from complex calculations. The burden of responsibility and the pain of choice do not haunt them. They are bound by little rules, they are happy with little. Someone just needs to tell them the rules of the game. It can be father, mother, husband, wife, mosque master, teacher, anyone. If someone says that this rule should be followed – “Ekkhan Chabi Maira Dise Chhaira” will be followed, no question will arise in the mind. Most of the world’s people are like this, trapped in a web of invisible rules. They are generally complacent and happy in their personal lives. Their success comes from the success of the society (luxurious house, beautiful wife) and their failure comes from the failure of the society (divorce of the girl, long hair of the boy).

On the other side live people like us. Question in everything, if I don’t know the cause, I won’t blink an eye type. Their lives are spent in quarrels and studies. And this difference of opinion and quarrel is not always with others, but some quarrels among themselves cause a storm everywhere. They do not worry about what is the rule, but rather what is right. And the thought is reflected in their actions. They care little about the opinions of others but do care if they hurt someone, or if they cause someone upset.

How many evil thoughts are in my head. Maybe I’m not that good as a person, there are all kinds of rippur achar, like a vegetable or moss tree petni, it’s difficult to control. I feel like a human being. So I have to check myself once in two months, whether I am human. Sometimes I also ask close people, but someone who will not be selfish, will tell the truth. You have to do a lot of work on yourself to make yourself a person who can walk in the society.

I have the rest of my life.

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